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Guangdong to benefit from strong African ties

A news conference was held to promote the upcoming 2nd Investing in Africa Forum, to be hosted in Guangzhou from Sept 7 to 8, which is aimed at promoting economic exchanges between Africa and China.

China's Charity Law to take effect on September 1

The Charity Law, passed by national lawmakers in March this year, will take effect on Thursday in a move to ease restrictions on the fundraising and operational activities of charity groups.


Each SZer donates 700 yuan per year

IN Shenzhen, each resident donates around 700 yuan (US$104.82) per year on average, the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau said yesterday at an interpretation meeting on China’s first-ever Charity Law that takes effect nationwide today.

[SZ] Victim sues China Mobile over caller ID fraud

A SHENZHEN resident has taken China Mobile to court after a fraud ring swindled him out of 30,000 yuan (US$4,478) by calling him with fake caller IDs, the Nanfang Daily reported yesterday.

[SZ] Honey Lake dried up for facelift: Futian authority

RESIDENTS living in the Honey Lake neighborhood in Futian District recently voiced their concerns over the gradual draining of Honey Lake to multiple media and online forums, the Shenzhen Metropolis Daily reported.

[SZ] 100-km bus route cut short

THE last bus route running more than 100 kilometers one way in the city was shortened Tuesday.

Macao's GDP down 7.1 pct in Q2

Macao's gross domestic product (GDP) shrank 7.1 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2016, with improvement from the first quarter's 13.3-percent contraction, the Macao Special Administrative Region's statistic service said on Wednesday.

Mainland staff help sell many policies

Hong Kong insurers are hiring more and more mainland people to serve the increasing number of policy buyers from the mainland.

Mainland Olympians embark on 4-day visit to Macao

Delegation of Chinese mainland Olympians arrived in Macao Monday afternoon, embarking a four-day visit to Macao.

Preparation in progress for Shenzhen-HK stock connect

The Shenzhen stock exchange has urged securities companies to complete all preparation work for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect program by early November.

CPPCC concludes meeting on art development

China's political advisors on Wednesday wrapped up a three-day meeting on art and literature development.

China eyes multiple S&T breakthroughs in 5-year plan

From artificial intelligence to smog control, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on Wednesday unveiled 60 major science and technology (S&T) breakthroughs the country aspires to make in the next five years.

Push renewed for rehabilitation services

China will establish a rehabilitation university before 2020 to help disabled people, the China Disabled Persons' Federation said on Wednesday.

China's Charity Law to take effect on September 1

The Charity Law, passed by national lawmakers in March this year, will take effect on Thursday in a move to ease restrictions on the fundraising and operational activities of charity groups.

China to aid probe into car bombing

China said it will work with Kyrgyzstan to discover as soon as possible the organization and people that carried out a suicide car bomb attack on China's embassy in Bishkek on Tuesday.

China says ties with ASEAN entering 'period of maturity'

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said on Wednesday that its ties with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is entering the "period of maturity."

Saudi Arabia signs MoUs with Chinese enterprises in bid for cooperation

Oil-rich Saudi Arabia is seeking more investment from China, signing 14 memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with Chinese companies on Wednesday concerning various sectors such as energy, logistics and telecommunication.

Big opportunities for China-Canada relations: Chinese Premier

China-Canada relations are facing broad opportunities, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Wednesday.

Fun on the water in Hong Kong

On hot summer days, some people just want to stay indoors or go shopping in malls. But isn’t that a waste of time?

Xitou Village: The Most Beautiful Village in Guangdong

Reputed as “The Most Beautiful Village in Guangdong”, “Longevity Village” and “Belle Village”, Xitou Village is surrounded by pristine and densely forested hills.

2016 Guangdong Fashion Week Autumn Session--Italian designers debuts

Fashion lovers will have intimate contact with brand-new collections represented by Italian (D&G), Korean and Guangdong brand companies as well as by independent designers with private labels.
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Q:Where can I enjoy Cantonese cuisine?

A:As a province full of foodies, you can enjoy typical and various kinds of Cantonese cuisine here.

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