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China takes big step in electricity system reform

China released documents on Monday on electricity sector reforms covering everything from pricing to setting up a national electricity futures market.

Macao, mainland ink new deal on trade in services under CEPA

Macao and China's mainland have signed a new agreement under the framework of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), further liberalizing trade in services.


Guangdong expected to be cold and rainy from Wednesday

Good news is that this week, another cold wave is coming to Guangdong on Wednesday, according to meteorological department. Bad news is that it will likely bring massive rains.

Charity sale raises donation for stay-at-home children

Organized by the Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office, the Fourth Guangdong International Charity Sale was held at the TeeMall in Guangzhou on Nov. 28, 2015. All the donation raised from the charity sale will be used to help the stay-at-home children, support the poor and aid out-of-school children in Guangdong.

[Zhuhai] Golf game to open in Hengqin

The Zhuhai Plane Tree Building in the Hengqin New Area recently announced that a golf game will be held from Dec. 5 to 6, and 7 million yuan will be awarded to the winners, China News Service reported.

[Zhuhai] 2nd Hengqin Bridge to open before Spring Festival

The asphalt pavement on the 2nd Hengqin Bridge is expected to be finished by the middle of December and the bridge is scheduled for opening before the Spring Festival 2016.

[SZ] More Macao service sectors to be allowed into Shenzhen

Law firms with partners from Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macao will soon be allowed to expand their business to the whole city of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Zhuhai, under a new service trade agreement signed between the central and Macao governments Saturday.

Startups show IT's the real thing

Finally the city's much-cherished dream of having a robust startup ecosystem is beginning to materialize. Sylvia Chang reports.

Macao, mainland ink new deal on trade in services under CEPA

Macao and China's mainland have signed a new agreement under the framework of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), further liberalizing trade in services.

HK and mainland sign trade in services agreement

The SAR government and the central authorities signed the Agreement on Trade in Services under the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) on Friday

999 center apologizes for delay in care

A television journalist from Liaoning province has received an apology and an offer of compensation from an emergency medical center in Beijing that he says delayed treatment when he was critically ill.

NGO apologizes for debasing breastfeeding in subway

A non-profit organization, bjtale.com, has apologized for describing breast-feeding on the subway as the same as exposing sexual organs early on a Sunday morning.

China resumes IPOs

China resumed initial public offerings (IPOs) on Monday, with an industrial explosives maker becoming the first to offer shares to investors following a four-month freeze.

Beijing smog alert highest of 2015

Authorities in Beijing announced on Sunday that the city's air pollution alert has been upgraded from yellow to orange - the highest smog alert of the year - and industrial plants are required to reduce or shut down production.

Chinese president arrives in Paris for climate change conference

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Paris on Sunday to attend the opening ceremony of an international conference on climate change.

Kobe Bryant to retire after 2015-16 season

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant announced Sunday that he will retire at the end of the 2015-16 season.

China, France to work together to make Paris climate talks a success

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Francois Hollande met here late Sunday ahead of a key United Nations (UN) climate change conference, vowing to work together to make the conference a success.

EU, Turkey sign deal to stem migrant flows

The European Union (EU) clinched an agreement with Turkey on late Sunday, offering 3 billion euros(US$ 3.18 billion) in aid and more promising access for Ankara's membership to the bloc, to trade for massive reduction of illegal migrant arrivals.

Huizhou: a vison of China's ecological civilization in GD

Once described as the factory of the world, southern China's Guangdong is investing in a new vision of the future.

Elegant Litchi Bay in Guangzhou

Litchi Bay, or Lizhiwan, is a famous tourist attraction in southern China's Guangzhou known for its long history as a center of culture, art, and learning.

Puning De’anli Tourist Attraction, the residence of a Qing-Dynasty official

Inside the attraction, you will encounter 773 buildings of various functions including government offices, ancestral halls, Buddha worshipping halls, studies, dining rooms, store rooms, and attics.
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