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Guangdong’s creative industry shines on the world stage

Through the development of in-house IP (Intellectual Property), the implementation of cutting-edge technology, Guangdong companies involved in creative industries have begun to go global; furthering international cultural exchange in many fields.

Fashion trade show focuses on Shenzhen

Around 50 Chinese companies from Shenzhen, in Guangdong province, took part in the 2018 Shenzhen Products Show in London on Sunday and Monday to promote and showcase Shenzhen's fashion and accessories trade.


Guangdong’s creative industry shines on the world stage

Through the development of in-house IP (Intellectual Property), the implementation of cutting-edge technology, Guangdong companies involved in creative industries have begun to go global; furthering international cultural exchange in many fields.

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area: New growth pole of China's economy

Today, so called ‘bay areas’ are among those most economically active in the world. At present, 70% of global industrial capital and personnel is located in these ‘Bay Areas’.

HZM Bridge passes typhoon's structural safety 'test'

The multibillion-dollar Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, set to open later this year, withstood the destructive force of Super Typhoon Mangkhut, one of the strongest storm systems this year. The typhoon made landfall in Taishan on Sept 16 at around 5 pm.

High-speed rail planned to Shenshan

The city has proposed a 130-kilometer high-speed rail linking Xili Station in Nanshan District with Shenshan Station on the Guangzhou-Shantou High-speed Rail.

Macao's preparation for Typhoon Mangkhut proves effective: chief executive

Macao's civil protection response to Typhoon Mangkhut achieved the expected results, and was effective to minimise the negative impact of the storm on the community, the special administrative region (SAR)'s chief executive said here on Tuesday.

SARs issue top typhoon warning

The Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions issued the highest-level typhoon warning, No. 10, yesterday morning as Typhoon Mangkhut hit Pearl River Delta cities.

Macao gov't prepares for super typhoon Mangkhut

China's Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) government had stepped up its preparation efforts in response to the anticipated arrival of two typhoons Barijat and Mangkhut, with multiple measures put in place since early Thursday.

Hong Kong braces for upcoming "strongest-ever" super typhoon

Hong Kong is preparing for a super typhoon that is predicted to land this weekend and may be the strongest ever in the city since records began.

China has second-most AI companies: blue paper

China has the second-largest number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies in the world, trailing only the United States, according to a blue paper published Monday.

China museum guide commemorates war history to promote peace

On Tuesday morning, air raid sirens sounded for three minutes in Shenyang and 13 other cities in northeast China's Liaoning Province to mark the 87th anniversary of the "Sept. 18 Incident", the start of Japan's invasion of China.

What the world has seen by looking at China from 30,000 feet

The two-day China Development Forum concluded in Beijing on Monday. About 800 guests from Chinese and foreign business circles, academic circles and government institutions have made suggestions for the reform and opening up of China in the new era. Pieter Bottelier, a professor at Johns Hopkins University who is the former Chief of the World Bank's Resident Mission in Beijing, said: "I left my job in China more than 20 years ago. I'm now looking at China from 30,000 feet, from an international perspective." At a time when China has undergone reform and opening up for 40 years and is currently faced with globalization, trade protectionism, and an uncertain and unstable international environment, such perspectives and thinking dimensions are necessary.

Xi sends congratulatory letter to World Conference on Science Literacy

President Xi Jinping has sent a congratulatory letter to the World Conference on Science Literacy 2018, which opened in Beijing Monday.

The US trade war upgrade solves nothing

In spite of overwhelming opposition from the international community and US industries, the United States announced Monday that it will impose additional tariffs of 10 percent on 200 billion US dollars’ worth of Chinese exports to the US, and will also adopt other tariff escalation measures. China on Tuesday night announced a series of differentiated rates for tariffs on about 60 billion US dollars’ worth of American imports, starting on Sept 24th, the same day the new US tariffs take effect.

Sweden fails to respond to incident over tourists: FM

The Foreign Ministry urged Sweden on Monday to pay attention to China's concerns over the brutal abuse of three Chinese tourists by Swedish police in Stockholm, and take concrete measures to protect the safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese tourists in the country.

Xi and Putin friendship a sign of the strong China-Russia ties

During this week's fourth Eastern Economic Forum, China's President Xi Jinping and Russia's President Vladimir Putin held their third meeting in four months. The frequent interaction between these two heads of state has become a distinctive feature of China-Russian relations.

Xi, Putin call for promoting China-Russia youth friendship

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin visited All-Russian Children's Center "Ocean" here on Wednesday to promote friendship between the two countries' youths.
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