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It is time to learn some Chinese phrases for Chinese New Year 快来跟总领事学拜年啦!

It is time to learn some Chinese phrases for Chinese New Year 快来跟总领事学拜年啦!

China detects 1st imported case of Zika virus

China has confirmed an imported case of Zika virus, the country's first, the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) announced late Tuesday.


What is Chinese new year?

The Chinese will celebrate the lunar new year, or Spring Festival, on Monday. Most people will follow traditional cultural elements and customs in China's most festive season.

Highlights of Flower Fair in Guangzhou

Highlights of Flower Fair in Guangzhou

Consul Generals in Guangzhou and Governors of Sister Provinces/States send their best wishes to Guangdong

CGs in Guangzhou and Governors of Sister Provinces send their best wishes to Guangdong

New Year Greeting from Guangdong's new friends alongside Belt and Road Initiative

New Year Greeting from Guangdong's new friends alongside Belt and Road Initiative

HK official brands 'Fishball Revolution' as misleading term for riot

Hong Kong's Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok said on Saturday that it is wrong to use the term "Fishball Revolution" to justify the mob violence in Mong Kok during the Lunar New Year holiday.

LED Rose Garden seen on night before Valentine's Day in Hong Kong

A total of 25,000 LED roses were set up at the seaside in Central of Hong Kong on the night before the Valentine's Day.

64 now in jail after Hong Kong riot

Hong Kong police arrested another person on Wednesday suspected of being involved in the Monday night Mongkok riot in Fanling.

Hong Kong Riot Prepared and Organized: Police

Hong Kong police are suggesting a small-scale riot which broke out earlier this week was planned in advance.

Dining, retail sales surge during Spring Festival

Shops and restaurants across China reported robust sales during the week-long Spring Festival holiday, data from the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) showed on Saturday.

Chinese spend 1.2 trln yuan overseas in 2015

Chinese consumers spent 1.2 trillion yuan (184 billion U.S. dollars) overseas last year, with over 60 percent going to luxury goods, according to an estimate by Fortune Character, a luxury market consultancy.

China's border region on Zika alert

Southwest China's border province of Yunnan is on high alert for Zika, providing 24-hour laboratory tests for the virus.

"Chunyun" train passengers hit daily record

More than 10 million trips are expected to be made by train on Saturday, a record daily level during the Spring Festival travel rush, or "Chunyun", according to official data.

Chile expands trade in agricultural products with China

China has now become the main destination for Chilean farm products, with fruit, wine and salmon among the main items of Chilean agricultural exports to China, data from the Agriculture Ministry and other government agencies show.

U.S. House sends DPRK sanction bill to Obama

U.S. House of Representatives on Friday overwhelmingly passed a legislation to impose new sanctions on Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Multiple explosions set uncompleted plaza ablaze in Astana

Flames engulfed a tall building under construction in the Kazakh capital here on early Saturday morning after at least three explosions, with no casualties reported so far.

Chinese FM calls for implementation of hard-won agreement at Munich Syria talks

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said here on Friday that the Munich meeting on Syria had achieved hard-won results, and all sides involved should make efforts to get the newly-reached agreement implemented.

Mangrove park, a haven for birds and plants

FUTIAN Mangrove Ecological Park has a mangrove forest and is home to rare birds.

Guangzhou Marathon Awarded IAAF Bronze Label

Each year the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) awards designations referred to as IAAF Road Race labels to leading road races around the world.

The six most rewarding wetland parks in Guangdong

Guangdong has abundant wetland resources, and wetland parks are popular among citizens. So what are the most rewarding wetland parks in Guangdong? Where should we go to enjoy wetlands?
Living in Guangdong
Question submitted,Thank You!

Q:Where can I enjoy Cantonese cuisine?

A:As a province full of foodies, you can enjoy typical and various kinds of Cantonese cuisine here.

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