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[Exclusive] Guangdong's Performance in V-day Parade

Today five formations from Guangdong participate in China’s V-day Parade. Meanwhile, in joint military band and choir, 50 members are from Guangzhou 41 Army, Guangzhou 42 Army.

[Exclusive] Cantonese elements in V-Day parade

Three formations from Guangdong will participate in V-day Parade. They are an armament formation, an air flag guard formation, and the “South China Guerrillas” foot formation. Meanwhile, Several Cantonese representatives are invited to watch V-Day parade.


[Exclusive] Guangdong's Performance in V-day Parade阅兵式上的广东方队

Today five formations from Guangdong participate in China’s V-day Parade. Meanwhile, in joint military band and choir, 50 members are from Guangzhou 41 Army, Guangzhou 42 Army.

Guangdong's Performance in V-Day Parade (3)

Guangdong's tracked self-propelled artillery units displayed the latest fight vehicles for the first time. It is part of the armament formations, coming after foreign troops.

Guangdong’s Performance in V-Day Parade (2)

The phalanx honoring heroes of the “South China Guerrilla” is a team of infantry demonstrating the “iron spirit” of the South China armies.

Guangdong's Performance in V-day Parade (1)

The parade began with Guangdong’s air flag guard formation. Helicopters sent from Guangzhou Military Command flied over the Tiananmen Square carrying both national flag and military flag.

Hongkongers getting medical care in SZ

According to the report, Hong Kong patients favor orthopedics departments in mainland hospitals and traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Hong Kong flourishes as startup hub

According to ManpowerGroup's latest Talent Shortage Survey, engineering and IT vacancies are the second-and third-hardest positions to fill in Hong Kong. As a result, firms are having to lure people in increasing numbers from abroad to fill the skills gap.

Cambridge honor graduate crowned Miss Hong Kong 2015

The annual beauty feast – Miss Hong Kong closed yesterday at TVB.

Miss Hong Kong 2015 crowned

The final of Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2015 was held in Hong Kong, China, on Aug. 30, 2015.

LIVE: China's V-Day Parade starts

China marks the end of WWII as it pays tribute to peace with a parade in Beijing at 10 AMlocal time. Newsgd.com provides you an up-to-date full coverage.

China Headlines: China holds epic V-Day parade

Thousands of Chinese troops, along with their counterparts from 17 countries, marched past Tian'anmen Square; tanks and armor vehicles mounted with drones and missiles rumbled by. They were saluted by military aircraft roaring overhead.

Four Important Points of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Speech for V-Day Parade

On the morning of September 3, 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the V-Day parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War.

Parade brings Chinese blogger in Switzerland closer to home

Seventy years have passed in a flash. The post 80s generation live, for the most part, in a happy peaceful era.

China and US working closely on every major issue: Envoy

Despite thorny issues that often dominate the headlines, China and the United States are working closely on almost every major global issue. This cooperation is not only out of good will, but also on the fundamental interests of both countries and their shared responsibilities to the world.

ROK youth cheer for Sino-ROK friendship ahead of V-Day parade

"Come on President Xi Jinping, we love you!" "Let's go for world peace!" That's what youngsters from the Republic of Korea (ROK) said to Chinese President Xi in a video clip that spread online in the ROK before the V-Day commemoration parade to be held in Beijing on Sept. 3.

Respect for history, love for peace shining in China V-Day parade: U.S. expert

Respect for history, love for peace will sparkle China's upcoming V-Day parade, which is to demonstrate an independent, self-reliant and confident China, said U.S. author and expert on China Robert Kuhn in an interview with Xinhua.

China and Japan: Between love and hate

After hearing that Iwao Tsuyoshi, his Japanese friend, would be visiting China, Yang Haihui, 35, booked some time off work.
Nan'ao Island

Nan’ao Ecotourism Resort

Nan’ao is the only island county in Guangdong Province. It comprises Nan’ao Island and the nearby 22 islands. It features ocean scenery, historical heritage, mountains and temples.
shenzhen, international city

Shenzhen in pictures,old and new (part 2)

Shenzhen International Airport opened its new terminal T3 in late 2013. The massive white building is three times the size of the airport’s old terminals.
Luoding Shuangdong Environmental Protection Industrial Park

Luoding Shuangdong Environmental Protection Industrial Park

The park is the first production base for electroplating industry and chemical industry approved by the Department of Environmental Protection of Guangdong Province.
Living in Guangdong

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