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Guangdong on the Road | South Africa: The Figure of China in the Rainbow Nation

Through the "Guangdong on the Road" series, GDToday joins hands with global reporters and sheds light on Guangdong's partnership under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

In this episode, reporters from GDToday and DUrban TV explore together the improvement that Chinese products have brought to local residents' lives in leisure and entertainment.

"Skyworth was the first company to bring frameless TVs, OLED TVs, and Android TVs to the South African market," said Maggie Dong, Financial Director of Skyworth South Africa.

Skyworth is a home appliances manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The company set up its branch in South Africa in 2014.

"I believe the products have contributed a lot to the local consumers’ leisure and entertainment," Dong added.

According to Dong, Skyworth is now making efforts to promote photovoltaic products in South Africa, due to the frequent blackouts.

Jaco Joubert, Key Account Manager of Skyworth South Africa, told GDToday that South Africa should deepen cooperation with China, under the framework of the BRI, as the initiative will not only offer a better lifestyle and more affordable products but also create more job opportunities for local residents.

About the Guangdong on the Road series

As 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the BRI, GDToday, the leading Guangdong-based multilingual news provider, has recently joined hands with major media outlets in 10 countries and visited the United Arab Emirates, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, Greece, Fiji, and Vanuatu, to report on the Guangdong on the Road series.

The series will include multilingual videos and articles, documenting the cooperation between Guangdong, the economic powerhouse of China, and the BRI participating countries.

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Producer | Hou Xiaojun

Executive producers | Jin Qiang, Zhang Chunqing

Chief planner | Zhao Yang

Planners | Xie Miaofeng, Zhang Ying, Ouyang Yan

Reporters | Steven Yuen, Li Jiangrui

Video | Zhang Tianxiong

Graphic designers | Ou Xiaoming, Mia

Part of the video footage was contributed by the DUrban TV.

Tshegofatso Ditshego, Lydia Liu, and Hannah Zhou also contributed to the story.

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