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Guangdong on the Road | The UAE, gulf transit point, looks to the east

Through the “Guangdong on the Road” series, GDToday joins hands with global reporters and sheds light on Guangdong’s partnership under the Belt and Road Initiative.

As China's powerhouse and major foreign trade province, Guangdong is highly complementary to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in its economic status, industrial layout, and development concepts. When the UAE is “looking to the east”, what can be found for its economic diversification and industrial development?

In the second episode, GDToday reporter Hannah joins hands with China Arab TV to explore the China Wholesale City in the UAE, iMile Delivery, and the Umm Al Quwain 150MIGD independent water project.

Producer: Hou Xiaojun

Executive producers: Jin Qiang, Zhang Chunqing

Chief planner: Zhao Yang

Planners: Xie Miaofeng, Zhang Ying, Ouyang Yan

Reporters: Ouyang Yan, Zhou Hongdou, Qin Shaolong, Zhang Ruilin, Zhang Tianxiong

Graphic designers: Ou Xiaoming, Huo Weilu

Editors: James, Yin Juewen

Huang Qini, Wang Ziqing (intern), Liu Keyi (intern) also contributed to the story.

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