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Guangdong on the Road | Angels that give sight in Fiji

Through the "Guangdong on the Road" series, GDToday joins hands with global reporters and sheds light on Guangdong's partnership under the Belt and Road Initiative.

2023 marks the 60th anniversary of China dispatching its first Chinese medical team abroad. In the Pacific Island countries, China-initiated medical assistance projects, such as the "Brightness Journey" which provides free eye inspection and surgeries abroad, have aided 260 thousand local patients, according to Zhou Jian, Chinese ambassador to Fiji.

In this episode, GDToday reporter, joining hands with Mai TV, went to Fiji and its Colonial War Memorial Hospital, which is one of the largest among the Pacific Island countries, to explore the stories of Chinese medical team, its Fijian counterparts, and patients.

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Producer | Hou Xiaojun

Executive producers | Jin Qiang, Zhang Chunqing

Chief planner | Zhao Yang

Planners | Xie Miaofeng, Zhang Ying, Ouyang Yan

Reporters | Ou Xiaoming, Liu Xiaodi, Zhang Qida, Guan Jieming

Graphic designers | Ou Xiaoming, Lai Meiya

Editors | Yin Juewen, Jerry

Part of the video footage was contributed by the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat-sen University.

Chinese Embassy in Fiji, Chinese Media (Fiji) LTD, and Ma Xiaodong contributed to the story.

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