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Guangdong on the Road | Greece: a symphony of maritime exchange

Through the “Guangdong on the Road” series, GDToday joins hands with global reporters and sheds light on Guangdong’s partnership under the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Silk Road, as a bridge between East and West civilizations, has witnessed new ties between Greece and Guangdong in shipping, culture, and education over the past decade. 

What changes has the cooperation between two big maritime nations brought to the Piraeus Port, a flagship project of China-Greece Belt and Road cooperation? How can the East and West civilizations learn from each other? As maritime cooperation boosts exchanges at the personal level, Chinese language and culture are also becoming more accessible to the Greeks.

In this episode, GDToday and Greek reporters explore together the stories untold about the Piraeus Port, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Chinese language teaching, as well as cultural exchanges.

Producer: Hou Xiaojun

Executive producers: Jin Qiang, Zhang Chunqing

Chief planner: Zhao Yang

Planners: Xie Miaofeng, Zhang Ying, Ouyang Yan

Reporters: Ouyang Yan, Zhou Hongdou, Zhang Ruilin, Qin Shaolong, Zhang Tianxiong, Deng Yingheng, Xu Xiaoxin, Chen Zhaokang

Graphic designers: Ou Xiaoming, Huo Weilu

Editors: Jerry, Yin Juewen

Wang Ziqing (intern), Liu Keyi (intern) also contributed to the story.

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