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Xu Hongfei’s exhibition brings more positive debate——interview with curator Dr. Acksteriner Events

2015-September-21       Source: Newsgd.com

On the afternoon of 2nd September, a day before the 70th anniversary of Chinese V-day, a special showcase of chubby girls by Guangdong artist, Xu Hongfei amazed Berlin people.

On the left is Dr. Acksteriner Events. [photo by Lemon Liao]

On the afternoon of 2nd September, a day before the 70th anniversary of Chinese V-day, a special showcase of chubby girls by Guangdong artist, Xu Hongfei amazed Berlin people. 22 sculptures of overweight women stood in Lustgarten Plaza Marlene Dietrich Plaza, and Potsdam Plaza, attracting pedestrians’ attention.

Germen are well-known for their critical thinking. Why this time, they opened the door for these Guangdong chubby girls?

The curator of the exhibition, Acksteiner Events, doctor of political science, talked to journalist about the ideas behind the exhibition.

Q: Lutsgarten Plaza has a very special location. Why would Berlin welcome a Chinese artist exhibit his works in the plaza.

Acksteiner Events:On the left side of Lutsgarten Plaza is the Berlin Church, and behind it is the Museum Island enlisted as world cultural relic. In deed, this location makes the committee select the exhibitions very strictly. They also asked me why I chose Xu’s works to showcase and I told them his works were in important places in countries all over the world.

At the beginning, they didn’t accept it. They are not particularly refusing this exhibition. The philosophical traditions and independent thinking make Germen very strict on arts. But later on at the site of the exhibition, they also thought I made the right decision.


Q: How do the chubby girls touch you?

Acksteiner Events: I remember it very well that Xu gave me very deep impression when I first met him in Guangzhou. He was drinking tea and chatting in his studio where was very full of sense of life. He talks to his friends and makes sculptures there, outside which is the metro sailing pass and all walks of lives. At that moment, I got the idea that he cares about people’s daily lives. In his works, every women figure is filled with passion and energy, which you can see from their eyes. This touches me.

Q:How is local’s attitude towards sculpture works and Xu’s sculpture?

Acksteiner Events:Berlin people have quite mature attitude towards art collections. They have specific markets for each type of arts. Judging from the reaction, I think more people will have interests in his works. We will collect inquiries and tell Mr. Xu later on.


Q:What kind of meaning you think this exhibition can bring to Berlin?

Acksteiner Events:Just like what journalist of RBB reported, Berlin people don’t need to frown and interpret what are artists thinking and trying to expressing. Mr. Xu’s works are very humorous, direct, and full of energies, which can make people happy just by looking. Another meaning, I think, is more valuable. In the past, Europeans usually met Chinese artists who were with obvious mainstream-orientated value. But Xu is not like that. He is not judging but focusing on lives of ordinary people, the jolly and simple details. Surprisingly, I found Berlin people also enjoy this kind of art. I believe it will lead to positive debates that whether we should introduce more diverse Chinese modern art and artists into Germany.


Editor: Yishan

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