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Italian National TV reports on Guangdong's thriving marine businesses

On November 1, Italy's national television station Radio Televisione Italiana (RAI) connected correspondent ANIELLO PUORTO in the Morning News of RAI-1 channel to introduce the latest achievements of Guangdong's marine economy.

In the broadcast on state radio, ANIELLO praised this huge city cluster in Guangdong, along with the surrounding cities, “boasts a huge infrastructure network and an efficient freight transportation system.”

ANIELLO also introduced Shenzhen's Shekou Cruise Homeport, Hutchison Ports YANTIAN, and HZM Bridge, and considered the ports for “providing strong support for the economic prosperity of China’s most affluent regions”.

Note: The translation is for reference only.

RAI is the only national public broadcaster in Italy, one of the 23 members of the European Broadcasting Union, and the largest television network in Italy. Its three main radio stations have a market share of more than 26%.

From October 30 to November 3, ANIELLO and over 100 Chinese and foreign journalists, experts, scholars, and content creators visited 14 coastal cities in Guangdong Province. Along the coastline, the media delegation enjoyed picturesque sea views and gained in-depth insights into the province's expanding and thriving marine businesses. 

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Reporter: Ariel

Editor: Olivia, Abby, James

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