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Indulge in a feast of global design artistry in Guangzhou

The Guangzhou Design Triennial 2024, under the theme of "Warm-beings," the first of its kind, is currently underway at the Guangdong Museum of Art (GDMoA) and runs until May 31, 2024. Featuring a dazzling array of artworks and public activities, the event treats audiences to a feast of design artistry. If you are an art or design lover, then don't miss this event!

Theme exhibition

The theme exhibition of the Triennial is divided into four sections: "Life of Architecture," "Matters of Care," "Fully Alive, Standing Here and Now," and "Design: Existing·Living·Being." A large number of objects and models, as well as video works by nearly 100 designers and artists from 27 countries and regions, including Ma Yansong, founder of the innovative architecture firm MAD Architects, British architect Colin Fournier, and PEI Architects, are on display.

Visitors are able to catch a glimpse of special architecture from different places based on local conditions, art pieces made from recycled materials in our daily life, as well as houses designed for "warm-beings," experiencing the "warmth" and humanistic care from different generations and a variety of cultural and geographic backgrounds.

Archive exhibition

The exhibition is based on two narrative clues with a comprehensive collection of design works, design events, books, catalogues, and archives.

The first clue summarizes the global iconic design events and movements, starting from the origin of modern design during the first Industrial Revolution in the 1850s to the present day. The second clue focuses on the critical design events around the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area since the launch of reform and opening up in 1978. Finally, it will extend to a question about "the Future of Design".

Community project

The community project aims to delve into the practical aspects of how "design" can function as a crucial tool in addressing social problems, building sustainable communities, and advancing resource management. 

For instance, "The Art Realm of Liwan (荔湾艺境)" focuses on representative local cultural elements in Guangzhou's Liwan District, interpreting local cultural values and stimulating the vitality of the traditional community through art. In November last year, it hosted an exhibition and a series of activities on the culture of Liwan's traditional Chinese medicine.

Throughout the Triennial, this section will feature sharing activities, co-design workshops, and community tours, inviting the public to explore the transformative power of design in communities.

Education programs

Academic conferences, lectures and guided tours will be organized during the exhibition to guide visitors into design topics and enhance their understanding of the exhibition themes.

Furthermore, interactive educational activities with the theme of "design" will lead visitors through an exploration of design thinking and inspire them to reflect on and record their experiences of the exhibition.

Time: 9:00-17:00, closed on Mondays, until May 31, 2024

Venue: Guangdong Museum of Art (广东美术馆)

Add.: No.38, Yanyu Road, Ersha Island, Guangzhou (广州市二沙岛烟雨路38号)

You can check out more information on the exhibition and activities in the WeChat mini program "广州设计三年展2024 (pinyin: guang zhou she ji san nian zhan 2024)".

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