Shenzhen taxi fuel surcharge unchanged
2012-June-11 Source: Szdaily web edition
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Shenzhen's taxi fuel surcharge remains 3 RMB(0.48 USD) for red cabs and 2 RMB for green cabs, despite a decrease in the price of No. 93 gas from 8.1 to 7.7 RMB per liter since Saturday, sources from Shenzhen's transportation commission said.

It was this year's second drop in gas prices, after the cost of No. 93 gasoline dropped from nearly 8.4 RMB to 8.1 RMB per liter May 10.

According to the city's taxi fare mechanism, which is tied to gasoline prices, the price of 7.7 RMB per liter still fits in the price category — 7.41 to 8.28 RMB per liter — that designates a corresponding fuel surcharge of 3 RMB for red cabs and 2 RMB for green, per fare.

The surcharge would decrease only if gas prices dropped below 7.41 RMB per liter.

The drop of gas prices coupled with an unchanged fuel surcharge creates good news for local cab drivers, who could save hundreds of RMB per month in fuel costs.

A driver surnamed Shu with Zhongnan Taxi Service Co. said he could save about 20 RMB on an average day shift.

Yunfa Group, the largest taxi operator in the city, said each of their cabs could save about 1,000 RMB a month, helping taxi companies reduce operating costs and reduce the pressure on taxi drivers.

The National Development and Reform Commission said gas prices have dropped 530 RMB per ton and diesel prices have dropped 510 RMB per ton, the largest decrease since 2009.

But the drops aren't as big as some agencies had expected with decreasing crude oil prices in global markets.

Some agencies expected gas prices to drop at least 600 RMB per ton or the price of No. 93 gas to drop by 0.50 RMB per liter.

A resident surnamed Fang, who paid 13 RMB for a taxi ride from the Shenzhen Economic Daily Building in Futian District to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, hoped taxi riders would also benefit from decreasing gas prices. He suggested that Shenzhen take measures similar to Beijing, where the fuel surcharge is exempted for a trip of less than 2 kilometers.

There are about 13,000 cabs on Shenzhen streets.

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