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Canton Fair - a symbol of China's opening-up

2014-March-19       Source: Newsgd.com

In the spring of 1957, the Chinese Government inaugurated an export commodity fair in Guangzhou, the port which formed the starting point for the Marine Silk Road and possesses a millennium long tradition of trade by sea. Premier Zhou Enlai decided its name as "Canton Fair " for short.

The Ascent to Becoming a First-Class Exhibition

There are now fifty exhibition pavilions in the fair, and the products are divided into fifteen categories. It is a highly inclusive and professional zone with unique Chinese characteristics. It shows off the vibrancy of “made-in-China” products and attracts purchasers from all over the world.

The Canton Fair has a database of 910,000 purchasers, cooperating with 81 overseas industrial and business associations, and bringing thousands businesses of together.

After four revamps and expansions, the floor space of the exhibition center has reached 1.1 million square meters, equivalent to the world-class exhibition centers in Hannover and Frankfurt, in Germany, and Milan in Italy. The 1.13 million square meter exhibition space at each Canton Fair is thus the biggest in the world.

Each dollar transacted in the fair could yield $13.6 of GDP for the local economy, a figure far exceeding the dividends brought by the other well-known international exhibitions.

Canton Fair Belongs to Guangdong and the World

At the opening ceremony of the 100th Canton Fair in 2006, Wen Jiabao declared that the event was “a window for China’s opening-up efforts, an epitome of China’s opening-up efforts, and a symbol of China’s opening-up endeavor”. The Chinese Premier’s words are the most authentic and succinct description of the historic status and contribution of the Fair in the past 50 years.

The choice, half a century ago, to select Guangzhou as the host city of the China import and export trade fair was no mere coincidence, as the port had been the starting point for the Marine Silk Road. Its long history, advantageous geographic location, and rich local culture have conspired to make the city an ideal place for making new trading partners. The fair has successfully accomplished its historic missions to assist foreign trade, and to express and consolidate the new image of China. It has also served as the touchstone for China’s reform and opening-up policy. The fair is a cultural trademark for Guangdong as well as a signboard for the nation as a whole.

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Editor: Olivia

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