[Week 19, 2015] 3D Print Technology Repairs Organs in 3-4 Years
2015-May-15 Source: Newsgd.com
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A new round of debate was ignited on the Internet after hospitals in Guangzhou and Shenzhen announced they had applied 3D-print technology to clinical surgery.

Director of the Guangzhou Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Dunjin Chen said that 3D-print technology can be successfully applied in organ transplants. "Actually the 3D-print technology has been widely used in clinical operations, for modeling," said Chen in an interview with Newsgd.com.

According to Chen, doctors use 3D printing to establish a model according to MR and CT scans. "Modeling, is the most common way for the application of 3D printing in clinical medicine but at the same time, we have been doing further research in recent years. We try to use 3D printer to produce living organs which can bring stem cells into patient's body," said Chen.

Since doctors need to choose different materials for printing different organs, the cost for selecting proper materials could be very high according to Chen. "For 3D printing, we have a good foundation on manufacturing, printing models will not be a problem in the near future, so the major cost is the material," said Chen who added that hospitals will be able to use 3D printing within three to four years.

"I think after three to four years we can use 3D printing in gynecologic surgery, but mainly for repairing organs such as a scarred uterus,” said Chen.

"First, we make a 3D model on the MR or CT scan. Secondly, we select the proper materials for the organ. Thirdly, we convey the digital model to the 3D printer to print the damage part of the organ,” explained Chen who added that 3D printing will be used in plastic surgery.

"For example, if you want to change your nose or face, doctors can use a 3D printer to make a living tissue so the plastic surgery will no longer rely on prosthesis," said Chen.

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