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Guangdong police released tips on protecting privacy

2016-December-23       Source: Newsgd.com

Recently, Guangdong police released some tips on protecting privacy, let's have a look.

Imagine that you receive a message from an unfamiliar number, saying “Congratulations! You’ve won a big prize. Please visit www. ×××.××× to receive the prize!” Out of curiosity, you click the link, finding nothing. And soon you are told by the bank that you have suffered identity theft on your credit card and lost your life savings...

Sorry to tell you that you are a victim of telecommunication fraud. The criminal gang may even disguise themselves as your superiors, employees of telecommunication enterprises or even police to defraud your trust first and then, your money.

Recently, Guangdong police released some tips on protecting privacy, let's have a look.

Phone privacy

1.Set up screen lock with password.

2.If unfortunately, your telephone is lost, contact with the telecom operator at the first time and stop your telephone card service. And then apply for a new one. Otherwise, some may use your telephone number to log in websites and steal your personal information.

3.Back up your phone data regularly.

4.If your telephone is lost, please inform your friends and relatives immediately in case that some may impersonate you and cheat them.

Family WiFi security

1.Set a complex password, for example, combining number, capital letter and lower-case letter.

2.Hide your WiFi’s SSID so that others will not find it.

3.Bind your WiFi’s MAC address with your own devices so that other devices will not be able to get in.

Password security

1.Install anti-virus software in your telephone and conduct regular virus killing.

2.The password length should be more than 8 characters combining letter, number and other symbols.

3.Use soft keyboard; use different passwords for different accounts; never “Remember password”.

Browsing the webs

1.Make sure that the websites you are visiting are the official ones.

2.Never believe in any notice that asks you to enter credit card number and password except those in official bank webs.

3.Install security software both in the computer and telephone.

4.Never enter links sent by strangers. If they are sent by your friends or relatives, please confirm whether their telephones are stolen or not.

By Abby

Editor: Steven

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