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2016 Guangdong Tourism Expo kicked off

2016-September-10       Source: Newsgd.com

The 2016 China (Guangdong) International Tourism Industry Expo (CITIE) kicked off at the Canton Fair Complex on September 9, 2016.

Kashi dance attract eyes by their traditional dancing on the first day of Tourism Expo. [Photo: Newsgd.com/Xiaowen]

The 2016 China (Guangdong) International Tourism Industry Expo (CITIE) kicked off at the Canton Fair Complex on September 9, 2016.

Tourism exhibition, tourism hypermarket, hospitality supplies fair, seminars, conferences, competitions, signing ceremony, shows... The Expo added many interesting elements to attract more visitors.

Crowded people at the Tourism Hypermarket. [Photo: Newsgd.com/Xiaowen]

In the Tourism Hypermarket, the lowest price offered by vary tourist agencies attracts the most visitors to come. "After I retired, I always go traveling. I am still strong and powerful, and I think I have to visit more places," said by Mr. Zhang, who is 66-year-old this year. He was looking for some low-price tours and compared the price among all the agencies.

A TCM doctor introduces traditional Chinese medicine and treatment. [Photo: Newsgd.com/Xiaowen]

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is not only a treasure of China but the quintessence of Chinese culture. Foshan, a cradle of TCM in southern China, is home to Foshan Chancheng Central Hospital whose TCM booth has attracted quite some visitors. Wu Suzhen, deputy director of the Premium TCM Center of the hospital, commented that, originally, most people thought medical treatment was only about curing diseases, but now, new concepts have been accepted by more and more people and that the center has blended preventive treatment of disease and health preservation with the modern health-keeping tourism.

Kristine selling jewery in the Russia Pavilion

For Kristina, who sells jewelry at the Russian booth, was impressed by the Expo very much. She said that the decoration in the expo was very beautiful, and she was also very glad that many people love the chrysophoron, a specialty from her country.

For Jimmy, representative of RAMADA Resort from Australia, it’s the first time that he has headed a team to attend this tourism expo in Guangdong to promote high-end tourism products. Jimmy showed great confidence in the Guangdong market, adding that next year they would increase their investment in the Expo.

Kazi Sazedul from Bangladesh has travelled a long way to attend the Expo in Guangzhou. He gave a thumb up in front of the huge variety of products and the professionalism of the tourism expo. Aitor from Spain felt the same, “This type of expo is not as frequently seen in Europe as in China. So we like very much to attend the expo here in China.” For this trip, Aitor comes to purchase furniture. He was also very excited about the wide range of hotel supplies and satisfied with the procedure and service of the Expo.

This year, with the focus on features of industrialization, specialization marketization, and the internationalization, the expo sets up 9 theme pavilions and 4,500 standard booths with 48 projects to be signed, amounting to 128.96 billion RMB, in which 16 were signed during the Signing Ceremony on the morning of September 9, amounting to 79.58 billion RMB.

(By Xiaowen & Jecey)


Editor: Jecey

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