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Here's how to earn ¥100 million: 14 ways to live cheap in GZ

2016-September-28       Source: Newsgd.com

Do you feel too expensive to live in Guangzhou?

Do you feel too expensive to live in Guangzhou?


Actually, there are 14 ways that can help you live a cheaper life in Guangzhou! All are free of charge!

1. Have professionals inspect water quality of your house

From September, citizens who are able to read water meter in house in the city downtown can apply for free water quality inspection in Guangzhou Water Supply’s WeChat (gzzls96968). Each month, 10 lucky citizens will chosen out and enjoy the inspection service.

2. Free physical examination for the elderly

The old people over 65 can enjoy free physical examination once a year. The service includes lifestyle and health status evaluation, physical checkup and health instruction.

3. Free notary service for the elderly

The elderly who has an Identification for Senior Citizen can notarize support and legacy agreement at half a price or for free and those with an Identification for the Advanced Age can enjoy completely free service.

4. Free critical illness insurance

Citizens who have enrolled in medical insurance no longer have to pay extra for critical illness insurance. What’s more, the annual expense limit has increased from 330,000 to 400,000.

5. Borrow public bicycle

Guangzhou has launched a public bicycle program since 2010. Citizens can enjoy 1-hour free bicycle service.

6. Apply for marriage license

Guangzhou has canceled all charges for marriage license in recent years.

7. Children to get vaccinated for free

For vaccines provided by government, children no matter local or not can get vaccinated for free. In Guangzhou, there are 14 free vaccines against 15 infectious diseases for children.

8. Health examination before pregnancy

New couples who are preparing for pregnancy can bring their identity cards and marriage licenses to family planning service bureau and receive free health examination there.

9. Borrow books in libraries

Citizens can bring their identity cards or other valid identification and borrow books in most of the libraries in Guangzhou.

10. 300+ stadiums open for free on August 8

August 8 is the National Fitness Day. On that day, both public and social stadiums will be free for all citizens.

11. Free government WiFi

Citizens can search “Wireless_GZ”, type in your mobile phone number in the loading page to get the code and finally enter the code to connect to the WiFi. The loading code will be valid forever.

12. Cancel insurance for housing fund loan

Payments like insurance for housing fund loan and compulsory institution guarantee have been canceled to reduce the burden of the working class.

13. Cancel service fee of bank card

Citizens can bring identity cards and go to the bank counter to cancel bank cards’ annual fee (except credit card) and management fee. Each person can apply for one card in a bank.

14. Highways free of charge in holidays

In the coming National Day (October 1 - 7), the highways in Guangdong province will be free of charge.

Want more tips about saving money when you live in Guangdong? Keep following us and we will bring you more updates about it!


(By Abby & Chan)

Editor: Steven

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