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Foreign educators brought on staff in Nanshan schools

2015-August-31       Source: Szdaily.com

THREE experienced foreign educators from the U.S. and U.K. have been hired as vice principals at six local public schools in Nanshan District for the new upcoming school year.

Tareneh Afnan-Holmes

Joseph Strzempka

THREE experienced foreign educators from the U.S. and U.K. have been hired as vice principals at six local public schools in Nanshan District for the new upcoming school year.

These three foreign vice principals, Joseph Strzempka, Tareneh Afnan-Holmes and Elisabeth P. Montgomery, are employed by the Nanshan District Education Bureau in the hope of bringing an international touch to the Chinese schools.

They are expected to introduce education philosophies, new ideas on classroom management and bring access to international academic programs.

The foreign educators will help local teachers with their English teaching skills as well as help them compile English textbooks for the schools, according to the education bureau.

The job duties and salaries of the three vice principals are set by the district’s education bureau.

The foreign vice principals arrived in Shenzhen last week and have met some people at the schools where they will work.

The three vice principals are experienced and certified in international education.

Strzempka, a holder of several teaching and research qualifications, will be assigned as the vice principal at Yucai Middle School and Gangwan Primary School.

Strzempka said he intends to encourage students to actively participate in in-depth inquiry to answer big questions in interdisciplinary spaces and to embrace and learn from the pioneering spirit of the Qianhai Free Trade Zone.

Afnan-Holmes is familiar with Shenzhen as she has been an English lecturer at the Medical School of Shenzhen University for five years. She also has diverse working experience in the fields of multiculturalism and science technology.

Afnan-Holmes will be the vice president of three schools located near Shenzhen University.

“We would love to give our children the understanding and skills to contribute and participate in an ever-advancing world, recognizing that the development of the individual and society are two inseparable processes,” said Afnan-Holmes.

Montgomery, an American who has lived in Shenzhen for around 16 years, has long worked with the education bureau.

Montgomery was one of the vice presidents at the SUSTC Experimental School as well as the senior consultant of international education in Nanshan District from 2014 to 2015. She will continue her work at the two posts during the next school year.

With a doctorate in human resources from Fielding Graduate University, Montgomery brought an American-style international curriculum to the school and helped to develop an interdisciplinary teaching method with the teachers.

Montgomery’s teaching philosophy is to help students foster critical thinking. She also thinks it’s important to train the students through multidisciplinary teamwork and cooperative projects.


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