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International dragon boat team grows in Guangzhou

2015-June-26       Source: Newsgd.com

In Guangzhou, there is one dragon boat team called "South China International Dragonboat Team", in which over half team members are foreigners.

Chinese dragon boat in the eyes of foreigners

Team members at their training ground on Xinzhou in Haizhu District. [Photo / South Metropolis Daily]

Vega's husband, Stu had never heard about dragon boat before he came to China. However, when he met Vega in Guangzhou, he began to know more about this Chinese traditional sport.

For Stu, the dragon boat is more than a traditional sport but has its own unique connotation in culture. In order to understand the cultural background related to Chinese dragon boat, Stu even went to Dongxiang country in Panyu district with his foreign team members.

Stu has rowed canoe before but he thinks dragon boat is quite different from it. "Unlike canoe, dragon boat race is a teamwork that requires every member cooperate together. If someone makes a mistake, it will affect the whole team," said Stu.

David from UK joined the international dragon boat team 5 years ago and now he is the captain in their team. David is fond of water sport and played canoeing before. In his opinion, canoeing and dragon boat race are totally different. According to David, "Compared with canoe, dragon boat is very huge so that boaters need to have enough training to learn the correct way of paddling."

Mike is an Indian who was invited by David to join their team at the beginning of this year. "It is really amazing to watch dragon boat race in China at the first time. Because it is difficult for so many people to sit in a boat, they have to make that boat move forward stably and rapidly at the same time," said Mike.

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