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【Helping the Underprivileged】 GIVES

2015-June-5       Source: Newsgd.com

GIVES is the acronym for Guangdong Intemational Volunteer Expatriate Service. The mission of GIVES is to offer assistance to the underprivileged in Guangdong province while working closely with and building friendships with relevant social welfare agencies and local communities. GIVES also forms a link between the expatriate community and the social welfare agencies in Guangdong province. It provides support to local caring institutions whilst building friendship, respect, and understanding between expatriates and local communities.


In 1995, a small group of women and men who were making regular visits to the Guangzhou Orphanage decided to give a name to their charitable work. In the following 10 years, GIVES has become one of Guangdong's major expat volunteer organizations.

The current GIVES structure began to grow between 1997 and 2001 when our executive committee was formed. Our areas also increased to include medical operations, leprosy projects, projects for independence, and fund raising activities.

Gives continued to expand from 2001-2003 when we began working on long term projects, broadened our profile in the community, refining internal procedures for selecting projects and funding allocations. Currently GIVES is developing both its internal structure and its project areas.

Internally, GIVES is refining its organization to become more efficient and transparent. Recently, GIVES formed its first Board of Directors from community members and Executive Committee members to take charge of the organizations strategic planning. GIVES is also actively engaging the complex question of government registration. The GIVES board is also committed towards greater participation from both the expat and local communities through increased organizational transparency and public relations.

The work of GIVES is also evolving as our project areas continue to expand and develop. Foremost among the new project areas has been the recent funding of the opening of several handicapped training centers in rural areas including Heyuan, Reyuan, Yunfu, and Zhaoqing. The opening of these centers marks some of the most ambitious and long range projects that GIVES has ever taken on and several other centers have been planned.

GIVES has also expanded from Guangzhou to incorporate GIVES, Huizhou. As GIVES continues to expand, we look forward to opening new project areas and continuing to deepen our commitments to our current areas.


If you want to donate:

BANK TRANSFER (Multi-Currency Account)

Bank Name: ANZ Shanghai Branch



Bank A/C no: 184770-00001


Branch code: 404294 ( for RMB transfer)


If you want to contact GIVES:

Email: givescn@gmail.com.

Website: http://www.gives.cn/index.aspx?ClassKey=contactus


Editor: Yishan

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