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Hot mom Esther Haubensack: Ten-year happy life in Guangzhou

2015-May-10       Source: Newsgd.com

She is from the Free State of Bavaria, Germany, graduated from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with a Master’s Degree of Sinology, and studied Chinese in Peking University for 1.5 years with full scholarship.

As a hot mom in Guangzhou, she is happy because of him


Ten years ago, Esther Haubensack and her family settled down in Guangzhou instead of Germany or Beijing, her husband’s hometown, because her husband couldn’t adjust to the life in Germany and her career went on really well in Guangdong. Since she rose to fame by starring in Daughter in Law 15 years ago, Esther got more and more job offers in Guangdong, hosting parties and galas, performing crosstalk and comedy sketch, being a judge for contests, taking part in television shows, etc. She became so busy that she got less and less time for the family, and she almost failed to persevere in breast feeding. She said, “Luckily, my husband is always there with me. He cooks for me, shares the chore, and takes care of the children when I am busy. To help me adhere to breast nursing, he took the child to travel around with me during that period of time. Sometimes, I would go to the studio at 8:00 am and come back at noon to feed the child; if I get no time to come back home, he would take the child to the studio, so that I can make time to feed the child. Without him, I couldn’t have pulled all this off. He is always there for me.”


In daily life, Esther Haubensack is easy-going and goes after no fame or gain deliberately. During her ten-year ordinary but happy life in Guangzhou, she always comes into contact with Guangdong traditional culture; when seeing that younger generation has less interest in the inheritance of traditional culture, she thinks it a pity, “The traditional culture is going to be lost.”


Interview: Jecey; Script: Monica


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Editor: Keane

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