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James Kim, Chinese learner from the star

2014-December-2       Source: Newsgd.com

James Kim, studied in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) as an exchange student, is a sunny boy with perfect smile.

K-pop, Jeju Island, origin

When it comes to culture of Korea, the Korean TV series is always an appealing topic.

“The Korean TV series’s popular is because of K-pop. People love K-pop, so they find interests in Korean Culture. As a result, they like watching Korean TV series to know Korean stuff.”

Kim believed that the success of Korean TV series is attributed to popular songs like Gangnam Style and home cooking dishes like kimchi. That is quite a novel idea since actually many Korean elements gained their popularity in Chinese market through some dramas, such as kimchi in “Dae Jang Geum”, fried chicken with beer in “My Love from the Star”, etc.

Nevertheless, the Korea fever has been going up in China for many years. It becomes a big black hole to attract a rapid growing number of travelers landing on the real Korea to feel the authentic Korea stuff.

“Jeju Island is the most attractive place in Korea. I’m from Jeju Island so I know a lot of nice places there. The landscape is very beautiful so many people around the world travel there.”

When mention his hometown, Jame’s tone fills with pride and confidence. Hometown is the origin that everyone always keeps in mind. With referring origin, the ROK and China is closely connected.

“The ancestor of Korea is from ancient China. Korean characters are also from China.”

From the historical aspect, the two countries do have a lot of similarities.

“Even the characters (of China and ROK) are a little bit similar. Some words and pronunciation are also very similar for China and Korea. It is based on the cultural factors that China and ROK must have a very close relationship.”

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Editor: 王凯

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