Expensive mooncakes that aren't for eating!
2012-August-29 Source: www.lifeofguangzhou.com
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An ordinary mooncake only costs about RMB 20, but recently a special kind of mooncake is being sold in Guangzhou. They may be really expensive, but are not edible.

To celebrate the Chinese Mid-autumn Day, one of the most important days in Chinese tradition for family gathering, the Chinese people buy mooncakes, like people buy turkeys for the Thanksgiving. Traditional mooncakes are a kind of dessert made of lotus seed paste and egg yolk, but the extraordinarily expensive mooncakes available in some shops and banks these days are made of gold or silver.

After opening the red gift box with chrysanthemums, butterflies and the moon on, like a typical mooncake box, there are two pieces of gold or silver in the shape of mooncakes, decorated with drawings of lucky animals. The silver ones have two sizes, 100 grams and 50 grams, priced at RMB 1,700 and RMB 850 respectively for each box of two pieces. The size of the gold cakes varies from 10 grams to 50 grams. The price of the cake depends on the up-to-date gold price, plus RMB 200 processing fee for each one, making a 50-gram gold mooncake priced over RMB 20,000. The mooncakes are made of pure gold or silver, with a warranty by the state-issued certificates attached with them.

"Most people buy mooncakes as gifts, or to award to employees in a company," the manager of a bank in Nonglin Xialu said the luxurious mooncakes are very popular. "They may be out of stock in September." The silver mooncakes are more popular. There was a customer who bought a dozen boxes of them as gifts for his employees, according to the manager.

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