The Celebration of Double Seventh Festival
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Double Seventh Festival in Huangpu District.

Double Seventh Festival in Huangpu District.

This Saturday, August 6, locals celebrate the Double Seventh Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day.

The festival originates from a classic Chinese tale. A herdsman, Niulang, married a skilled seamstress fairy, Zhinv. Fate was cruel to the young lovers, and they were separated by the Jade Emperor, the Supreme Deity, and could only see each other once a year. On that day, the magpies would make a bridge across the Milky Way with their bodies, so the lovers could reunite.

The tale of Niulang and Zhinu is a story of great love. Zhinu was not only beautiful, she was also intelligent and a skilled seamstress. The festival also goes by the name Qiqiao Festival, which means asking for skills from the seamstress fairy, Zhinv. The day is often characterized by girls praying for intelligence and talent.

To mark the special festival, event celebrations will be hosted at numerous locations around the city. From July 30th to August 7th Baiyun Mountain will host Double Seventh Festival Celebration. At the Mingchun Valley entrance, visitors can choose to wear a variety of traditional Han clothing. Many traditional activities will also be staged, such as handcraft-making competitions, walking along the magpie bridge with your lover and visiting the Qiqiao handcraft market.

If you are more interested in educational activities, from the 5th to 30th of August the new Liwan culture and art center will allow visitors to view the Altair and Vega by telescope. Guangzhou planetarium teachers will also be on hand to teach visitors how to identify constellations.

Zhucun in Tianhe District will also hold Qiqiao festival activities, including blind dating, from the 3rd to the 8th of August, as well as South Sea God Temple in Huangpu District, from the 2nd to 8th of August.

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