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Dragon boat race in Guangdong's Gaoyao attracts 300,000 visitors

The Dragon Boat Festival arrived, and it was time for dragon boat races. On June 10th, at the foot of Jinxiang Mountain and along the banks of the XinXing River, the sound of drums and gongs filled the air, and dragon boats plowed through the waves, kicking off a feast that blends tradition and modernity. The 2024 Zhaoqing Gaoyao District "Telecom Cup" Dragon Boat Festival Traditional Dragon Boat Invitational and the First HahaLe "Gaogui Shrimp" Food Festival presented a poetic display of the grandeur of dragon boat racing and the deliciousness of "Gaogui Shrimp," attracting 300,000 spectators to participate in this grand event. 

Sixteen teams from the "Chinese Traditional Dragon Boat Famous Town" and the largest and longest "Golden Dragon" in Guangdong Province, the KuanJiao Golden Dragon, performed together. The deafening sound of drums was like the roar of a dragon on the water, injecting new vitality into this ancient sport. 

Gaoyao dragon boat racing is not only a sport that integrates mass participation, entertainment, and competitiveness, but also a symbol of the Gaoyao people's enterprising spirit and solidarity. The spirit of the dragon boat, like the rushing river, inspires the people of Gaoyao to brave the waves of the times and continue to innovate and forge ahead.

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