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Follow us on a tour of the Chinese New Year Flower Market in Guangzhou

On January 18, the 2023 Guangzhou Water Flower Market opened on the shore of Liwan Lake. This flower market event not only sells flowers, but also has many traditional Lingnan cultural activities for tourists to experience.

What's more, the water curtain light show will be performed at night, and the sound and light will show the unique urban night scene of Xiguan area in Guangzhou.

The Guangzhou Flower Market is a traditional event in Guangzhou every year before the Spring Festival, for residents to buy New Year flowers and supplies.

Follow us to see what fun things in the flower market are going on!

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Reporter | Alice, Xu Mengmeng

Video-shooting | Zhang Qida, Eastbrook

Video-editing | Ou Xiaoming, Zoey

Editor | Wing, Steven, Abby

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