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Information of Guangzhou traditional flower market 2023

Recently, all districts of Guangzhou have announced that the Guangzhou traditional flower market for the Chinese New Year will be held this year.

This time, the flower market will be held both online and offline in several districts. In addition to visiting the flower market in person, people can also buy New Year’s Flowers online.

Yuexiu District

Time: January 19 - January 21

Location: Beijing Road Pedestrian Road Area

Yuexiu flower market is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm. The main archway is located on the west side of West Lake Square, Damazhan Road. There are stalls on West Lake Road (Damazhan Road to Jiaoyu Road), Beijing Road (Wenming Road to Taikang Road), and Chenghuangmiao Square.

In addition to the offline flower market, Yuexiu District will optimize the Yuexiu West Lake flower market online service platform to build a metaverse flower market through 5G mobile internet technologies and 3D vision technologies, allowing people to participate in this event online.

Tianhe District

Time: January 17 - January 21

Tianhe District will host themed flower markets in the streets of the central axis and Zhujiang New Town, with flower viewing belts along the main roads.

A flower viewing & intangible heritage display site will also be set up at the Tianhe Sports Center. Carnival events, including lion dancing and a flash mob, will be carried out in the central area on the south side of the Sports Center Square from January 19 to January 21 at 12 pm.

Tianhe District also plans to place three-dimensional flowerbeds at the south and north gates of Tianhe Park, the south gate of TaiKoo Hui, the south square of Tianhe Sports Center, and to set up flower boxes and flower borders on main roads including Tianhe Road, Huangpu Avenue, and Huacheng Avenue during the Chinese New Year.

Liwan District

Time: January 19 – January 21

Location: the west gate of Guangzhou Cultural Park

Liwan flower market will have a dazzling array of flowers, New Year’s Tangerines, and New Year’s Eve products for sale, with flower viewing events being held in the Park. The flower market over water at Liwan Lake Park will feature displays, cruises, and flower sales, and it will start from January 11 to February 6.

Baiyun District

Time: January 19 - January 21

Location: Wanda Plaza, Yuncheng East Road

The main archway of the Baiyun flower market will be located at the intersection of Yunchengnan 2nd Road, the east square of Wanda Plaza, and Yuncheng East Road. The sub-archway will be located at the intersection of Yunchengnan 3rd Road, the east square of Wanda Plaza, and Yuncheng East Road.

Haizhu District

All of the subdistricts will open flower markets., and there will be open spaces outside that are well-ventilated for temporary flower stands.

Huangpu District

Time: January 17 - January 21


Main Venue: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Pilot Zone (Huangpu Park)

Branch Venue: Science City Area (Green Axis Square), Knowledge City Area (Kaifang 1st Road, Southern Start-Up Area)

Huangpu flower market will combine traditional flower markets, intangible folk custom displays, and festival and cultural activities. Three venues and several flower-selling points will be set up in the subdistricts and towns of Huangpu District. It is estimated that about 250 stalls will be set up, including 100 stalls at Huangpu Park, 60 stalls at Green Axis Square, and 90 stalls at Kaifang 1st Road.

Panyu District

Time: launched on January 6 (online flower market)

Location: Shibi Village, Shiqiao Subdistrict, Shiqi Town, Nancun Town, Shawan Subdistrict (offline temporary New Year’s Flower selling spots)

Panyu flower market is held both online and offline this year. The WeChat mini program “Panyu Online Flower Market”, running from January 6 to January 21, has many sections including a Flower Market Map, Traditional New Year’s Goods, Cultural and Commercial Tourism, and Assistance Provided by Consumption. A “Flower & Tangerine Grower Registration” zone has also been set up to provide free online platforms for flower farms and florists in need.

Temporary flower-selling spots will be set in Shibi, Shiqiao, Shijiao, Nancun and Shawan.

Conghua District

Time: January 4 - January 27

Location: Xihe Town

The 2nd Guangzhou International (Liuxi) Flower Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Flower Expo) opened on December 20 last year in Xihe town of Conghua District. The Flower Expo this year is held both online and offline. The flowers on display include Anthurium, Tropical Orchid, Chinese Orchid, Succulent, and flower and foliage plants of more than 1000 varieties.

The Flower Expo's main exhibition space consists of the Key Special Flower Exhibition Area, Floral Art Exhibition Area, Industrial Development Exchange Area, New Bizarre Beautiful Flower Exhibition Area, Extended Industries Exhibition Area, and Special Flower Exhibition Area to fully display modern agricultural park achievements of Conghua flowers in flowers, floral art, scented tea, flower dishes, flower cakes, vases, and flower cosmetics, among other things.

Zengcheng District

Time: January 16 - January 21

Location: the north square of Zengcheng Square

Zengcheng flower market will set up 179 stalls this year. In addition to the sale of flowers and New Year’s Tangerines, more stalls are provided for food, intangible cultural heritage artefacts, children’s amusement products, New Year’s Goods, village revitalization displays, and industrial enterprise displays. Cultural activities, an intangible cultural heritage artefact experience and floral art performances will also be held in the flower market.

Huadu District

Time: January 19 - January 21  

Location: Guangzhou Flower Park Area

Huadu flower market is dominated by potted flowers, bonsai, flowers, New Year’s Tangerines, and other flower products.

180 stalls will be set up, including 52 fixed stalls for New Year’s Flowers, 124 temporary stalls (including 25 for big New Year’s Tangerines, 25 for small New Year’s Tangerines, 20 for chrysanthemums, 18 for peach blossoms, and 36 for small potted flowers), and 4 public welfare stalls.

Nansha District

Nansha Subdistrict: January 10 - January 20

Dongchong Town: January 15 - January 20

Nansha flower market this year will be held both in Nansha Subdistrict and Dongchong Town. Nansha subdistrict flower market will be held at Huahui International Plaza, mainly with stalls for flowers and New Year’s Tangerines. Dongchong town flower market will be held at Dongchong Cultural Square, mainly with stalls for New Year’s Tangerines, New Year’s Flowers, Spring Festival couplets, and other products. 

Author | Alice, Amber(intern)

Editor | Wing, Nan, Will, James

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