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Enjoy cultural feasting Guangdong Museum this summer!

Guangdong Museum has recently launched several special activities and exhibitions for visitors to enjoy some refreshing summertime in the facility.

Some of the highlights include the Art salon of Dunhuang (敦煌印象艺术沙龙), Special exhibition of paintings and calligraphy from the Song and Yuan dynasties (绘冠南天——粤藏宋元书画特展), and an activity for visitors to experience the nightlife in the Song Dynasty (宋韵风雅).

The exhibition Guqin in Guangdong Museum (大音希声——古琴艺术与文化展) displays the ancient Guqin of the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties as well as the precious collections of ancient paintings and books. The exhibition will last until August 22.

A Guqin Concert (静听松风古琴音乐会), one of a series of activities held by Guangdong Museum took place on the evening of July 29th. The melody of Chinese classical music was mellifluous and all the audiences were intoxicated.

(Video provided to Newsgd.com)

Several experts and scholars were invited to the concert to perform classical Guqin pieces including "Ode to the Fine Night" (良宵引), "The Immortal by the Water" (水仙操) and "Three Stanzas of Plum-blossoms" (梅花三弄).

On August 5th, the third activity named "Experience the Nightlife in the Song Dynasty" will take place at the Guangzhou Museum. Dr. Jian Zicong, an expert on Guqin, Zhou Yi, an expert of floriculture, a team led by Huang Jianhong, the inheritor of whisking tea (an intangible cultural heritage), as well as Chen Huiling and Feng Lijun, lecturers of incense culture will guide the audiences and visitors to experience the nightlife in the Song Dynasty. Don't miss out.

In addition to the concert, there were also immersive activities of Guqin culture in the exhibition hall, which allowed the audience to have a glimpse of the spiritual world of ancient literati through listening to the music and appreciating the charm of relics.

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