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Multiple classic musicals from both Chinese and foreign groups come to Guangzhou in the second half of the year

Good news for musical fans! In the latter half of this year, Guangzhou will present an array of musical performances. The Guangzhou Opera House will host a diverse selection of classic original productions in Chinese, English, French, and, for the first time, German, offering a delightful experience for the city's audience.

The Phantom of the Opera

"The Phantom of the Opera," premiered in 1986, has since been performed in 195 cities worldwide and in 21 language versions. Andrew Lloyd Webber's enchanting music, the grand and magnificent stage scenes, and the stellar performances by top-notch actors have captivated over 160 million audiences.

In 2015, "The Phantom of the Opera" made its Guangzhou debut, performing 40 consecutive shows at the Guangzhou Opera House, breaking the previous record for the highest number of musical performances. This summer, the original musical "The Phantom of the Opera" will relaunch its international tour, with China as the starting point and Guangzhou as the final stop of the Chinese tour. From January 7 to 26, 2025, Guangzhou audiences will once again have the opportunity to witness the splendor of this classic musical.

School of Rock

Another classic musical by Webber, "School of Rock", will take the stage from August 23 to 25. Adapted from the well-known comedy film of the namesake, "School of Rock" premiered on Broadway in the United States. The music is composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, with lyrics by Glenn Slater and a book by Julian Fellowes. The show features a group of astonishingly talented child actors who play guitars and drums, and rock out live, offering an audiovisual feast that is beloved by audiences of all ages.

Notre Dame de Paris

From December 27 to 29, the French musical "Notre Dame de Paris" will be staged at the Guangzhou Opera House. Based on Victor Hugo's world-renowned novel, it vividly portrays themes that expose and condemn the church and feudal system, criticizing the malevolent deeds of church officials and the moral degradation of the nobility, while also lauding the spirit of humanitarian compassion.

With lyrics by the top talent Luc Plamondon and music composed by Richard Cocciante, this musical features more than 50 diverse songs. The production combines powerful modern music with visually stunning stage design and passionate performances.

Mozart, l'opéra rock

"Mozart, l'opéra rock," which will be performed at the Guangzhou Opera House from September 6 to 8, 2024, is a recent masterpiece of French musicals. It features bold rock music paired with classic Baroque-style costumes, modern performance techniques combined with European court stage settings, and a fusion of original rock music with Mozart's classical compositions. The juxtaposition of these styles on a magnificent stage will create an electrifying atmosphere, guaranteed to captivate the entire audience.

The Orphan of Zhao

Adapted from one of the Chinese classic tragedies, the musical "The Orphan of Zhao" has been hailed by the media and audiences as the pinnacle of Chinese musicals. The musical, scheduled to be performed on December 6 and 7, is based on the play script written by British poet James Fenton and merges modern creativity with the artistic form of an original musical. It presents the intricate ties between family and nation, clan and individual, and the struggles of justice and sacrifice, willpower, and destiny within a compelling tragic story.

Elisabeth (staged concert)

The classic original German musical "Elisabeth" will be grandly presented in a musical concert format, taking the stage at Guangzhou Opera House from September 26 to 30. It tells the dramatic and poignant legendary life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Princess Sisi).

The concert version of "Elisabeth" will follow the tradition and version of the Schönbrunn Palace Concert in Vienna, featuring a refined stage presentation along with authentic, lavish costumes. The performance will invite leading European actors and an overseas orchestra, with nearly 30 actors and talented dancers performing all the classic songs from the musical.

Rebecca (staged concert)

Another German musical, "Rebecca", adapted from Daphne du Maurier's novel of the same name, will be staged from November 28 to December 1. This production will be presented in a newly produced semi-staged concert version, accompanied by a full orchestral ensemble and original costumes. Over 20 actors will bring the entire original score to life in its first show on the Chinese mainland.


Where to buy tickets: Search for the WeChat official account "广州大剧院 (pinyin: guang zhou da ju yuan)" or scan the QR code below to purchase tickets.

Editor: Zhang Xuanzhen, Holly, Abby, James

Photos provided to GDToday

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