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The biggest full moon of 21st century to ignite the sky tonight

2016-November-14       Source: Newsgd.com

The moon is extra close to Earth right now, giving us the best view for decades. We hope you'll take a momment to enjoy this awesome sight!

Photographer captured supermoon in downtown London.

The biggest full moon, the so-called Supermoon, will light up the sky tonight when the Moon moves to its closest approach to Earth since 1948, according to the Guangdong Astronomical Society.

As the Moon traces its orbit around the Earth in an oval shape, its distance from our planet varies. The Supermoon takes place when a full moon reaches perigee, that is, the Moon’s closest point to Earth. The moon will be up to 14 % larger and 30% brighter than usual.

The best view will fall on the moment when the moon is rising and sinking. By then, people can enjoy a visually larger golden moon flashing against the backdrop of trees and houses. And the moonrise time will be at 17:55 in Guangzhou.

The fullest moon will occur at 21:52. After arriving at the perigee at 19:21, the moon will gradually turn full.

It is learned that a Supermoon like this won’t happen until 2034.

But some scientists indicate that the differences between a Supermoon and a full moon are too subtle to be recognized with the human eye.

So what a Supermoon is really like? Why not step outside tonight and get a look yourself?

(By Abby & Chan)

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Editor: Chan

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