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Full text of Chinese president's signed article on Uzbek newspaper

2016-June-22       Source: Xinhuanet.com

Chinese President Xi Jinping published a signed article on leading Uzbek newspaper Narodnoye Slove under the title of "A Glorious New Chapter in China-Uzbekistan Friendship" on Tuesday, ahead of his state visit to the Central Asian country.

The SCO members have signed and implemented a number of agreements including the Shanghai Convention on combating the "three forces" and the border control cooperation agreement, and held joint counter-terrorism drills on a regular basis. These efforts have effectively deterred transnational crime and terrorist and extremist activities in this region and diffused security risks for all member states. In areas such as economy and trade, transportation, energy, infrastructure, agriculture and people-to-people exchange, deeper cooperation under the SCO framework has advanced the members states' economic and social development and taken to people's heart the concept of good-neighborly friendship and mutual benefit. As the SCO starts to admit new members, its circle of friends is expanding to countries in Central Asia, South Asia, West Asia and Southeast Asia. As a result, the SCO's cooperation potential will go up significantly and its international standing and influence will also be on the rise.

As the rotating chair of the SCO this year, Uzbekistan has done a lot to secure tangible outcomes of cooperation in various fields. China stands ready to work with Uzbekistan and other member states and take the Tashkent summit as a new starting point to further enhance cooperation across the board so that the SCO will bring more benefits to this region and its people.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the independence of Uzbekistan, and I wish to congratulate Uzbekistan on that. Under the leadership of President Karimov, Uzbekistan has made remarkable achievements in its national development and gained greater international influence. The Uzbek government has adopted a people-centered approach to ensure that economic growth will truly benefit the people. A number of national programs have been adopted such as the "Year of Youth," "Year of Healthy Child," "Year of Attention and Care for the Elderly" and "Year of Healthy Mother and Child." As a result, people's livelihood has been improving steadily and there is balanced development between urban and rural areas. Uzbekistan has embarked on a path of development that suits its national reality, and China wishes Uzbekistan even greater success in national development.

A Uzbek proverb goes, "A tree gets attention only when it bears fruits." China-Uzbekistan cooperation across the board has yielded fruitful results, and has benefited and won the support of our two peoples. I believe that in realizing our respective national development and rejuvenation, our two countries will join hands and write a glorious new chapter of China-Uzbekistan friendship.

Editor: Nan

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