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Prizes! How we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Guangdong “我在广东人月两团圆”中秋节线上征集活动

2021-Sep-16       Source: Newsgd.com

Now sharing your stories of Mid-Autumn Festival could also win you some nice gifts. All you need to do is submit your videos or photos and take part in this event “How we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. In this traditional Chinese festival of gathering with family, there will always be moments that you will never forget. Have you recorded any unforgettable memories during the holiday? Or do you have any creations related to this festival?

Now sharing your stories of Mid-Autumn Festival could also win you some nice gifts. All you need to do is submit your videos or photos and take part in this event “How we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Guangdong”.

Gifts include “Abalone and Sea Cucumber Set for Two” offered by Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe, Qingyue low-sugar moon cake gift box provided by Guangzhou Restaurant, and other special gifts.




Entry requirements

1.Photos and videos of the moments when you celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with your family and friends in Guangdong.

2.Art works related to the Mid-Autumn Festival, such as photography, painting, music, poetry, etc.





How to participate:

Please send your works to the GDToday WeChat subscription account, or to our email newsguangdong@sina.com (please add "Mid-Autumn Festival in GD" to your email subject). Don't forget to leave your contact information as well so that we can reach you in time if you win a prize.


把您的作品发送到GDToday微信公众号后台或者邮箱newsguangdong@sina.com(邮件主题Mid-Autumn Festival in GD),同时附上您的联系方式。

When to submit: From now till September 26

Entry showcase: September 28

Award list announcement: September 28-29






1.Captions, author info and contact info should be provided along with your work.

2.Video duration should be less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds, the fps is not limited, and the video should be shot in horizontal screen.

3.The content you submit should be positive and cannot involve commercial advertisements, personal privacy or other sensitive information.

4.All entries must be original works. Participants shall bear any legal consequences of plagiarizing other people's intellectual property or copyright disputes.

5.For all collected works, GDToday owns all rights including but not limited to intellectual property rights, and can be used for public welfare purposes such as display and publicity free of charge. Entries can be published on all media platforms belonging to GDToday (Newsgd.com).

6.If you have any questions about this event, you can add us on WeChat (ID: Fera@GDToday) and leave us a message.

注意事项:提交作品时记得附上相关文字介绍、作者、联系方式;视频长度最好为2分钟左右,横屏拍摄;作品传递正能量、不涉及广告、个人隐私或其他敏感信息;所有作品必须为原创,如非原创,后果自负;GDToday有权对征集到的作品公开发表、播出推送;如有本活动相关问题,请添加微信号留言咨询(ID: Fera@GDToday)。


Check out the amazing prizes

Abalone and Sea Cucumber Set for Two

Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe is located in the city center in the downtown business district. The Suixuan Chinese Restaurant located in the hotel focuses on creating new style Cantonese cuisine. The chef uses authentic Cantonese cooking techniques and western ingredients to create many innovative new Cantonese dishes. The dining room is decorated in a quaint Chinese style, with sandalwood tables and a luxurious 8 meters high celing. Chef Deng Zhixiong, the production director of Suixuan Chinese Restaurant, has more than 30 years of experience.



Qingyue low-sugar moon cake gift box

There are 3 low-sugar purple sweet potato mooncakes and 3 low-sugar black sesame mooncakes in the Qingyue low-sugar mooncake gift box of Guangzhou Restaurant. The packaging of the gift box has Cantonese elements such as lion dance, kapok and Manchurian windows. Guangzhou Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Liwan District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. The restaurant originated in 1935 and is famous for its Cantonese cuisine and Mid-Autumn Mooncakes.



In addition, we’ve also prepared other mysterious gifts for more participants! Looking forward to your participation!



Author | Alice

Editor | Monica, Jerry


Editor: Alice

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