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Yok Mu-ming: US' meddling in Chinese Taiwan is a recipe for disaster

"The scourge of Pelosi's visit is to turn Taiwan into a battlefield," Yok Mu-ming, former chairman of Chinese Taiwan's New Party, said in a recent interview with GDToday reporter.

Talking about the joint combat exercises and training around the Taiwan island organized by the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), Yok said that fighting fire with fire is also a way to deal with the Taiwan question. "I have been advocating peaceful reunification, but the military exercises can let people see the difference in strength between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. If the Taiwan authorities keep seeking 'independence', the military drills will probably be normalized."

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi once blasted Tsai Ing-wen, the regional leader of Taiwan, "if Sun Yat-sen were still alive, he would also decry Tsai Ing-wen as an 'unworthy descendant' of the Chinese nation." In Yok's opinion, this is a lenient description of Tsai. "These secessionists are not worthy of being Chinese descendants. So are those standing in the way of national reunification and development," Yok stressed.

Yok Mu-ming. (File photo: Nanfang Daily)

"Pelosi's visit is turning Taiwan into battlefield"

GDToday: After Pelosi visited Taiwan, you wrote an article noting that you would firmly support national reunification, especially by peaceful means. What made you speak out at this sensitive moment?

Yok Mu-ming: The people separated by the Taiwan Strait share the same blood. There should have been no need to fight against each other. But a few people in Taiwan seek to use external forces to incite conflict for their own interests. If the Taiwan authorities stick to US plans and train young people to confront the Chinese mainland, it will turn Taiwan into a battlefield and hurt the lives of Taiwan compatriots. This is the most unwise thing for Taiwan to do, so I strongly oppose it!

For decades, trade and exchanges between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland have brought tangible benefits to people from both sides. Why can't we continue with the exchanges, but bring war to the island?

GDToday: The New Party of Taiwan slammed Pelosi's visit as a scourge to Taiwan. In what way do you think this "scourge" is manifested?

Yok Mu-ming: Pelosi's visit to Taiwan and her remarks in support of "Taiwan independence" led the Chinese mainland to respond with military exercises and economic sanctions in order to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Taiwan people should know this is a recipe for disaster brought about by Pelosi.

“Taiwan secessionists are traitors of Chinese nation”

GDToday: The G7 and European Union recently issued statements on Taiwan, accusing the PLA of conducting exercises in the sea and airspace around the Taiwan island and calling on China not to change the status quo by force. Who do you think is changing the status quo across the Taiwan Strait?

Yok Mu-ming: The US has asked both the Chinese mainland and Taiwan not to change the status quo, but its House Speaker Pelosi insisted on visiting Taiwan despite the strong opposition from China. Pelosi's visit has surely changed the status quo, so it is the US who should bear the responsibility.

The US is using Taiwan to fight a proxy war, just as it has done to Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Part of Ukraine is in ruins and its people have become refugees. But Taiwan is different. If such a fight occurs in Taiwan, it will be the time for complete reunification of China and the return of Taiwan compatriots to the motherland. There will not be refugee problems. As for Taiwan secessionists, they are not refugees, but traitors, who will receive the punishment they deserve.

GDToday: What is the motive of the US to change the status quo across the Taiwan Strait?

Yok Mu-ming: I think it is that the US does not allow other countries to threaten its global hegemony, so it regards Russia and China as its biggest rivals and wants to weaken the two countries all the time. One typical tactic the US uses is to wage proxy wars through providing weapons and equipment, instead of engaging in the wars itself. Meanwhile, the G7 and EU are behaving like a new Eight-Power Allied Forces, but they should realize that the Chinese mainland is not the Qing Dynasty they invaded more than a century ago.

As for the US accusing China of changing the status quo, there is a precedent for this kind of scapegoating. For example, the US blamed China's Wuhan for the origin of the COVID-19, but it still refuses to open Fort Detrick for investigation.

"Tsai does not deserve to be a Chinese descendant"

GDToday: Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi slammed Tsai Ing-wen, "if Sun Yat-sen were still alive, he would also decry Tsai Ing-wen as an 'unworthy descendant' of the Chinese nation." What is your take?

Yok Mu-ming: Foreign Minister Wang Yi was being lenient and still treated these secessionists in Taiwan as Chinese descendants. Sun Yat-sen was dedicated to create the first Republic in Asia and developed the political philosophy "The world is for all", but Tsai and other Taiwan secessionists are standing in opposition to the spirit of Sun Yat-sen. They are not worthy of being treated as our own people.

"Fighting fire with fire is also a way"

GDToday: The PLA Eastern Theater Command announced it would conduct regular combat readiness security patrols in the Taiwan Straits. What is your take?

Yok Mu-ming: We strive for peaceful reunification, but fighting fire with fire is also a way. Politics needs to be backed up by military. The military exercises can let the secessionists see clearly the difference in strength between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. If they are still obsessed with "Taiwan independence", the military drills will probably be normalized.

I have been devoted to promoting peaceful reunification, but if one day, the Chinese mainland has to reunify Taiwan by force due to the continuous provocation of the secessionists, I will accept the situation. I think I have made myself clear.

GDToday: How do you see the future development of the situation in the Taiwan Strait?

Yok Mu-ming: We still have the opportunity to change the current circumstance. When Tsai Ing-wen served as minister of Taiwan's mainland affairs council, she visited the Chinese mainland and expressed her hope to promote cross-strait exchanges. However, as Taiwan's leader, she has to accept the interference of the Americans.

What Tsai needs to do now is to restore previous exchanges with the Chinese mainland. The two sides of the Taiwan Strait must communicate. This is the first step the Taiwan authorities should take.

Reporter | Keane

Author | Lanting (intern), Lydia Liu, Clarice

Poster Designer | Mia

Editor | Wing, Steven, Jerry

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