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Guangdong litchi debuts on the screens of the UK, Spain and South Africa

On July 21, three posters featuring Guangdong litchi debuted in the UK's London, Spain's Madrid and South Africa's Johannesburg.

The poster screened for the UK was located in Westfield Stratford City, a shopping center in London, the capital of the country. In the poster, a gentleman in a suit with a bowler hat interacts with a little boy who carries a bamboo basket full of litchi.

The poster in Spain was screened in Theatre EDP. Located in the middle of the Gran Vía, this is one of Madrid's traditional theatres, which went from being a cinema hall to a theatre hall. In the poster, the brightly red Guangdong litchi perfectly matches Flamenco, a popular artistic expression of Spain.

In South Africa, the poster was displayed on a highway screen in Johannesburg, and the city has been recognized as the golden beating heart of the country.

Guangdong is the world's largest litchi production base, with a planting area of about 2,667 square kilometers and an annual output of about 1.24 million tons. This year, Guangdong litchi has been displayed in an array of countries, including France, South Korea, the UK, and Spain, in the hope of popularizing the fruit around the world so that more people can enjoy this Guangdong delicacy.

In 2022, the export volume of Guangdong litchi reached 8,097 tons, accounting for 55.7% of the national litchi export. It has been exported to a number of countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Italy and the United States.

Reporters | Nancy Ye, Lina (intern)

Video | Wingheng

Editors | Olivia, Nan, Monica, Abby, Jerry

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