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Take a sip of Guangdong tea in Rome, Italy

China's Guangdong enjoys a long history of tea planting, with Qingyuan's Yingde as one of the important tea production bases in the province, famous for Yingde black tea. In 2022, the comprehensive output value of Yingde black tea exceeded 6 billion RMB, and the number is expected to reach 7.5 billion RMB this year.

On July 12, a promotion event featuring a series of Guangdong-made agricultural products is about to kick off in Rome, the capital of Italy. Yingde No.9 black tea, the specialty of Yingde, will be ready to serve, together with Guangdong litchi in season and pre-made Guangdong cuisines. Fan Yanping, the executive general manager of Yingde Ji Qing Li Tea Industry Co., LTD., invites you to take a sip of black tea from Guangdong.

Yingde Ji Qing Li Tea Industry Co., LTD. is a key agricultural leading enterprise in Guangdong's Qingyuan, engaged in tea planting and R&D, base construction, production and processing, trade and sales and tea culture promotion. The company has planted over 200 hectares of Yinghong No.9 tea trees, and it plans to develop a tea tree planting base stretching over 666.7 hectares. Its major products are Yinghong No.9, Jinmaohao and Hongtiao tea.

Reporter | Nancy Ye

Video | Jimmy

Poster | Lu Lu

Editors | Olivia, Steven, Abby, James

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