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Come and taste GD litchi and tea in Italy: Member of China-Italy Chamber of Commerce

On July 12, a promotion event on the theme of Guangdong tea, litchi and pre-made food will kick off in Rome, Italy. 

“Guangdong litchi, a delight for all!” Umberto Naddei, a member of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, said at a litchi planting base in Guangzhou's Conghua District.

On June 25, he visited the Litchi Exposition Park and the Guangzhou Conghua Hualong Fruit and Vegetable Company, enjoying a variety of litchi and exploring opportunities to export Guangdong litchi to Italy.

In 2022, Guangdong's fresh litchi was exported to 19 countries and regions, including Italy, UAE, the United States, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

High-quality litchi varieties such as Jinggang Hongnuo Litchi, Feicui Litchi and Lingfengnuo Litchi are widely favored by consumers at home and abroad.

Due to its short shelf life, litchi enjoys a "green channel" provided by the customs in Guangdong. Take Guangzhou Huangpu Customs as an example: the inspection of litchi only takes half an hour.

"The workers here told me that they just need three days to deliver fresh litchi from Guangzhou’s Conghua to Italy," Umberto Naddei gasped with admiration.

In addition to litchi, Guangdong is also well-known for its tea in Europe. Since the Qing Dynasty (1616-1912), Guangzhou has become a hub of tea trade connecting China with the world.

Today, Guangdong ranks first in tea consumption and distribution in China, with a tea plantation area of about 1,000 square kilometers and a dry semi-finished tea output of 160,000 tons.

The featured varieties include Chaozhou Dancong (single bush) tea, Yingde black tea, and Hakka fried green tea.

Author: Ariel, Shi Can (intern)

Editor: Olivia, Steven, Monica, Abby James

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