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China-Central Asia Summit milestone in promoting regional stability, says news agency chief

This aerial photo taken on April 25, 2023 shows a view of the Yongning Gate of the ancient city wall in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province. (Xinhua/Liu Xiao)

An upcoming summit will open a new chapter in relations between China and Central Asian countries and promote regional stability and development, Nurzhan Kasmalieva, head of the international department of Kyrgyzstan's Kabar state news agency, has said.

China and Central Asia will hold their first in-person high-level meeting, signifying a solid partnership between China and five Central Asian countries, Kasmalieva told Xinhua in an interview on Thursday.

"Terrorism and extremism pose a threat and challenge to the security of Central Asia at any time, and it is hoped that more security cooperation results can be achieved at the meeting, therefore promoting security and stability in the region," she said.

Noting that economic prosperity is a prerequisite for peace and stability, she said that the summit is expected to reach more consensus on economic cooperation.

"I expect the summit to provide more convenience for personnel exchanges between Kyrgyzstan and China," she said, adding that more people-to-people exchanges can enhance the feelings and understanding between people of different countries.

According to her, the summit will provide a fresh platform for Central Asian nations to enhance their collaboration with China and further advance cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

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