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Data Explorer | Hengqin Port sees record-breaking traffic growth in the first half of 2024

In the first half of 2024, Hengqin Port witnessed remarkable growth in transportation throughput, with over 10 million passengers and 1.08 million vehicles crossing the border. This marks a 44% and 11% year-on-year increase respectively. Notably, Hong Kong and Macao residents accounted for nearly 25% of the traffic, while Macao single-license plate vehicles comprised about 66%.

So far, over 6,200 Macao-invested enterprises have registered in Hengqin, making up more than 12% of all businesses there. The port has become a vital commuter hub, with many people traveling daily between Hengqin and Macao.

This year alone, 4.8 million tourists from the Chinese mainland have passed through Hengqin Port, a 77.4% increase from the previous year. The port also set new single-day passenger records during the Spring Festival and Labor Day holidays, with daily averages reaching 80,000 during these periods.

Reporter: Eastbrook

Poster: Lulu

Editor: Nan, Monica, James

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