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Data Explorer | Shantou's Textile and Clothing Industry: A Powerhouse on the Global Stage

As the 3rd China Chaoshan International Textile and Garment Exhibition (CTGE) kicks off this morning (March 28) in Shantou, the city's textile and apparel sector stands as a beacon of industry prowess, wielding influence across 192 countries and regions worldwide.

With solid statistics underlining its significance, Shantou has firmly established itself as a dominant player in this field.

Notably, Shantou contributes a substantial 40% to the world's underwear production, a testament to its manufacturing capabilities and efficiency. Bolstered by over 7,000 textile and clothing companies, the city's export volume exceeds 1.85 billion pieces annually, solidifying its position as a key player in the global marketplace.

The year 2023 witnessed a remarkable milestone for Shantou's textile and garment industry, with the industrial output value surpassing 111.8 billion yuan, indicative of sustained growth and resilience amid evolving market dynamics. Moreover, significant investments totaling 31.93 billion yuan have been injected into 108 operational projects, with a substantial portion allocated to enhancing industrial infrastructure, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and expansion.

Though it has only been held for three years, the CTGE has proven to be another success, demonstrating Shantou's escalating prominence in this domain. Last year's event attracted over 50,000 domestic and foreign buyers, with contract value soaring to 16.26 billion yuan, tripling the figures from the first term in 2022.

This year, it promises to surpass previous benchmarks, with an expanded venue area of 100,000 square meters and an anticipated influx of 80,000 merchants, underscoring the exhibition's unrivaled significance as a catalyst for industry growth and collaboration on a global scale.

Looking ahead, Shantou's textile and clothing industry is poised for continued ascendance, buoyed by robust infrastructure, innovative capabilities, and a global outlook. The city's strategic positioning as a manufacturing hub, coupled with its steadfast commitment to excellence, ensures that it remains at the forefront of the global textile and apparel landscape, driving economic prosperity and fostering international partnerships.

Reporter: Eastbrook

Poster: Mia

Editor: Nan, Will, James

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