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Assorted zongzi on offer for Dragon Boat Festival in Guangzhou

2022-Jun-2       Source: newsgd.com

To cater to the various preferences of zongzi lovers, many hotels in Guangzhou have created types of zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival. Let's have a look!

Not long ago, we introduced seven types of zongzi made by Guangdong locals, which one is your favorite? To cater to the various preferences of zongzi lovers, many hotels in Guangzhou have created types of zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival. Let's have a look!

 (Photo: Guangdong Museum)

Antique inspired zongzi packages

Guangdong Museum has created two types of gift boxes as the packages of zongzi with classic Cantonese flavors made by LN Garden Hotel. With light green and purple as the main colors, the gift boxes were inspired by one of the collections of Guangdong Museum, named "silk folding fan embroidered the pattern of dragon". Based on the pattern elements of cultural relics, the gift boxes feature flying dragons surrounded by clouds and waves, symbolizing elegance and auspiciousness.

The silk folding fan embroidered the pattern of dragon (Photo: Guangdong Museum)

The silk folding fan was created in the late Qing Dynasty,.the piece consists of the patterns of dragon motifs, clouds and pearls, symbolizing people's wishes of fortune, happiness and well-being.

Sweet and salty zongzi

The zongzi made by the Grand Hyatt Guangzhou features three flavors, allowing you to enjoy both sweet and salty choices, with ingredients originating from the sea and the land, such as egg yolk, pork, abalone and green bean. Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich highlights black glutinous rice dumplings with marinated pork as well as custard-made zongzi with sago.

 (Photo: Grand Hyatt Guangzhou)

 (Photo: Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich)

Zongzi package with five different flavors

W Guangzhou provides five kinds of zongzi, including glutinous rice dumpling with abalone, glutinous rice dumplings with egg yolk & marinated pork, black glutinous rice dumpling with marinated pork, traditional plain glutinous rice dumpling, glutinous rice dumpling with purple sweet potato & sago and multiple-functional packages.

 (Photo: W Guangzhou)

Author | Nancy (intern)

Editor | Wing, Steven, Monica & Jerry

Editor: Monica Liu

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