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Camping in Guangzhou: Grab your tent now!

2022-Jun-2       Source: newsgd.com

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is approaching! How about camping out to embrace nature in the summer air during the holiday? Here are some recommended campsites in Guangzhou where you can chill out.

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is approaching! How about camping out to embrace nature in the summer air during the holiday? Here are some recommended campsites in Guangzhou where you can chill out.

Beiji Camping No. 1 Campsite (北迹露营1号营地)

(Photo: Beiji Camping)

The entire campsite is as large as a forest, and both tents and recreational vehicles are provided here. You can have picnics on the lawn, fly kites, watch outdoor movies and enjoy other recreational facilities.

At night, it would be relaxing to enjoy the cool summer night breeze with your friends or families while counting the stars.

Add.: No.116, Fubin Road, Furong Resort, Huadu District, Guangzhou (广州市花都区芙蓉度假区芙滨路116号)

Bosun Garden Campsite (宝桑园营地)

(Photo: Bosun Garden)

This campsite has a gorgeous lawn and a "secret garden" equipped with a recreational vehicle for picnics. It features a series of tasty mulberry food such as mulberry ice cream and mulberry blueberry juice.

Put the picnic blanket on the ground, have a barbecue, chat with friends in the sunset and enjoy the starry night... This may be the long-awaited picnic for many people.

Add.: Shanqian Avenue, Changang Village, Chini Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou (广州市花都区赤坭镇缠岗村山前大道)

23°8' North Latitude Forest Camp (北纬23°8森林营地)

(Photo: 23°8' North Latitude Forest Camp)

With green trees beneath the blue sky and birds flying and singing, the 23°8' North Latitude Forest Camp is an ideal choice for you.

Tents, glasshouses and log cabins are available here, and there is a pool, a zoo, as well as an archery range at the campground. You can also enjoy a campfire party and barbecue in the evening!

Add.: 101 Caotang, Xihe village, Chengjiao street, Conghua District, Guangzhou (广州市从化区城郊街西和村草塘101号)

Liuxi International Campsite (流溪国际露营地)

(Photo: Conghua Fabu)

This is a lakeside campground surrounded by sunshine, with a children's playground and other entertainment facilities, and there are many types of tents in the camp for selection, such as yurt and pyramid tents. Going for a ride or taking a stroll along the Liuxi River around will also unwind your pressure.

Add.: 220 meters southwest of the intersection of Yuquan Avenue and No.551 Township Road, Conghua District, Guangzhou (广州市从化区御泉大道与551乡道交叉口西南220米)

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Poster: Mia

Editor: Wing, Steven, Monica, Will, Jerry

Editor: Holly

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