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How Guangzhou residents visit "relatives" during Dragon Boat Festival

On the morning of June 6th, dragon boat teams from Shipai Village and other villages in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, set off from Liede Water Gate and sailed down the Pearl River to visit relatives and friends in the neighboring Zhucun Village.

According to tradition, the first day of the fifth lunar month was the Shenchong dragon boat visit and gathering in Zhucun Village. During this event, dragon boat teams from neighboring villages would visit Zhucun Village.



Dragon boat teams from various villages set off from Liede Water Gate, heading towards Zhucun Village in Tianhe District.


Dragon boat teams pass through Pazhou.

Around noon, the dragon boats circled three times at the Shenchong River and then disembarked under the guidance of Zhucun Village residents to enjoy dragon boat cakes. Afterwards, the dragon boats continued their journey to other villages. This reciprocal exchange of visits serves to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the villages.


南方+ 董天健 拍摄

Residents enjoy the spectacular view of the dragon boat race along the river.

南方+ 董天健 拍摄


Dragon boat teams prepare to head to Zhucun Village.

南方+ 董天健 拍摄


Dragon boats from various villages arrive at the Shenchong River near Zhucun Village to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival together.

南方+ 董天健 拍摄


Dragon boats from various villages arrive at the Shenchong River near Zhucun Village.

Photo & Video: Dong Tianjian, Zhong Zhihui, Ou Xiaoming, Li Yekun, Xu Mian

Editor: Zhang Lixin, Holly, Will, James

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