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Fun Explanation of CNY | Get your lucky red envelopes and celebrate the Spring Festival

Today (February 10) is the first day of the lunar month, heralding the dawn of the lunar new year.

For children, the most exciting thing today is receiving red envelopes. These envelopes contain cash and are typically handed out to younger generations by their parents, grandparents, relatives, and close neighbors, representing good wishes for the safety, health, and joyful growth of children in the new year.

Nowadays, red envelopes can be obtained not only in physical form, but also electronically on mobile phones. GDToday wishes all of you a happy Chinese New Year, and provides WeChat red envelope covers for you. You can get them on the "Guangdong Fabu" WeChat official account, and they will be available while supplies last.

Reporter: Hannah, Guan Jieming, Wingheng, Zhang Tianxiong, Holly

Poster: Mia and Huo Weilu

Editor: Olivia, Nan, Ou Xiaoming, Monica, Will, James

Feng Zhichao (intern) and Huang Chen (intern) also contributed to the story.

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