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Chinese and French music performed on Lake Annecy, France

In the afternoon of June 10, local time, the art exchange performance for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France was held on Lake Annecy. The performance was guided by the Administration of Radio, Film and Television of Guangdong Province, hosted by Guangdong Radio and Television, and organized by GDToday. The Guangdong animation film exchange delegation and artists from both countries attended the concert.

At the concert, a number of folk music performers from China formed small and medium-sized bands and performed many well-known Chinese and French pieces with outstanding French artists, presenting a unique audio-visual feast. For example, there was not only classical music such as "Jasmine Flower" and "Horse Racing," but also works with modern Chinese characteristics such as "March of Lord Xiang," showing the profoundness and modernity of Chinese culture; through a medley of martial arts music including "A Life of Fighting is but a Dream," "A Chinese Ghost Story" and "You're the Best in the World," the performance combined the heroic spirit with the charm of traditional Chinese music, infusing new life into these classic works. In addition, the concert made bold innovations in the form of interpretation: through cross-border cooperation, different styles of compositions and instruments were integrated, transcending the boundaries of traditional music. For example, the erhu played the French romantic music "La vie en rose," the flute played the French classical music "The Swan," and the world-famous song "Carmen" was played with several folk instruments. These innovative attempts brought a new experience to the audience.

On the day of the concert, which coincided with the Dragon Boat Festival in China, the audience had a chance to experience the excitement of the traditional dragon boat race through a classic Cantonese music piece "Dragon Boat Race." By distributing zongzi on site, foreign friends could feel the festive atmosphere of the traditional Chinese festival.

Li Zhenping, Acting Consul General of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Lyon, stated in his speech that Guangdong attracts a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists every year to experience the unique Lingnan culture. Annecy is known as one of the "most beautiful towns in Europe," and more and more Chinese tourists come here for its ancient architecture and charming scenery. "I hope Guangdong and Annecy will take this concert as an opportunity to carry out more people-to-people exchanges."

"Traditional Chinese culture is beautiful. I really appreciate young people playing traditional music." Chantale Farmer, Mayor of Annecy, said in an interview with GDToday that representatives of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival from Guangdong have been active in the film market, and that Guangdong and Annecy share great opportunities for cooperation in music composition, animation production, and other fields.

Reported by Chen Xiani and Guo Hongda from GDToday in Annecy, France.

Editor | Ge Yuting, Wang Lihan, James

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