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Nice to Meet You | Ghanaian businessman promotes cultural exchanges at ICIF in Guangdong

Ghanaian businessman Andy made his first appearance at the recent 20th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF). This event serves as a platform for countries around the world to showcase their cultural industries and promote international exchanges.

“When I came to China in 2007, my intention was to do business. So I went to the Northwest University in Xi'an to study the Chinese language,” said Andy. He then continued his studies at Yunnan University. In 2010, Andy started doing this business.

During an exclusive interview with GDToday, Andy expressed his excitement about attending the fair for the first time. He is based in both Kunming and Shantou, with frequent travel between the two cities.

When asked why he chose Shantou as one of his bases, he mentioned that his daughter, who has exceptional swimming talent, received a scholarship for swimming in Shantou. Andy proudly disclosed that his daughter will represent China in the Olympics when she turns 16. Currently, she is training in Guangdong province, which prompted Andy's decision to come to Shantou with his daughter.

He registered his company in Ghana and all the products he brought to the fair are from there. Speaking of the business environment in Guangdong, he commented that Guangdong has been instrumental in assisting foreigners, not only Africans but also individuals from various countries such as America, Germany and India.

In his opinion, people from various nations come to Guangdong to conduct business, as it provides excellent support and access to factories that can fulfill any product requirements and deliver them worldwide. He believed that participating in the fair would provide a unique opportunity to establish stronger ties between Guangdong and his homeland, Ghana.

Reporter | Hannah

Video | Liu Wenzhi

Poster | Lulu

Editor | Nan, Abby

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