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High-quality growth of all areas seen in Guangdong: Deputies

The second session of the 14th Guangdong Provincial People's Congress is being held in Guangzhou from January 23 to January 25.

For deputies to the provincial people’s congress, top on the agenda is to review the work report of the Guangdong government. The report includes plans for 2024 and a summary of the work done last year.

The report has demonstrated many “firsts” that Guangdong has achieved in 2023. The GDP of Guangdong province amounted to 13.57 trillion yuan, making it the first province in China to surpass the 13-trillion-yuan mark.

According to a report by the Statistics Bureau of Guangdong Province, Guangdong’s GDP accounted for 10.8 percent of the national GDP in 2023. The province has maintained its position as the largest provincial economy in China for 35 consecutive years.

Guangdong also ranks first in the country in many areas, such as the number of high-tech companies, business environment, and innovation capability in the region.

What do the deputies think of the Guangdong provincial government’s work report? What motions or proposals have they prepared for the Congress? In the video, GDToday reporter interviews deputies from different cities and fields to get the answers.

Reporter | Lydia Liu, Steven Yuen, Nina Huang, He Yixing, Fang Yuqing (intern), Feng Zhichao (intern), Huang Chen (intern)

Cameraman & video editor | Qin Shaolong

Editor | Olivia Yang

Poster | Mia Lai

Hannah Zhou, Jasmine Yin, Zheng Suxin (intern), Qin Wei (intern), Qin Huixuan (intern), Zhan Manqi (intern), Li Yushi (intern), Zeng Xiaoying (intern), Zhou Yuting (intern), Zeng Xiaotao (inern), Zhang Yuman (intern), Chen Jizuo (intern) contributed to the story.

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