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Encountering Chinese white dolphins in Leizhou Bay, Zhanjiang

From the southeast dock of Donghai Island in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, a fishing boat set sail in search of the Chinese white dolphins in Leizhou Bay.

The Chinese white dolphin, known as "the giant panda in the sea" and "national treasure of the ocean," is under first-class state protection in China. Coastal fishermen revere it as the "Mazu fish," named after the sea goddess Mazu. In 1997, with Hong Kong's return to the motherland, the Chinese white dolphin was chosen as the mascot for this occasion.




(Photo: Nanfang Plus)

Currently, there are only about 6,000 Chinese white dolphins worldwide, with the world's second-largest population residing in Leizhou Bay, Zhanjiang.

The fishing boat passed through the dense mangroves of Nanping Island, where shoals of fish occasionally leapt from under the water. "These fish are the dolphin's favorite food," a fisherman cast a quick glance at the surroundings, "it's easier to discover Chinese white dolphins near the fish shoal."

Soon, the Chinese white dolphins appeared ahead. Adult white and juvenile grey Chinese white dolphins intermittently leaped, described perfect arcs above the water and left ripples after diving into the water. Sounds made by the dolphins surfaced into the air, in concert with the sea breeze, composing a wonderful symphony.


南方+ 徐昊 拍摄



(Photo: Nanfang Plus)

Video shooting: Zhang Youqiong, Shi Lei, Yao Zhihao, Wu Dongjun

Text: Lin Riqing, Deng Anqi, Holly

Video editing: Xu Hao, Shi Lei and Yao Zhihao, Zhang Tianxiong

Design: Lulu

English editor: Nan, Will, Monica, James

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