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SFC Markets and Finance | Guangdong-Africa trade continues to grow

As a main driver of China’s economy, how has Guangdong performed in the first two months of this year? 

During the press conference, the provincial governor Wang Weizhong said Guangdong is confident in achieving its growth target of 5%. 

Guangdong welcomed 76.1 million tourists during the Spring Festival holiday that ended Feb. 17, up 68 percent from a year earlier. Tourism-related revenue surged 161 percent to nearly 70 billion Yuan. 

Guangdong’s economy continues expanding. On a year-on-year basis, its manufacturing rose 10.6%, consumption rose 6.1%, and investment rose 4.3%.

Clearly, Guangdong’s economy performed well in the past two months and showed its strong resilience. Guangdong remains a popular destination for foreign enterprises. Guangdong has 350 of the Fortune Global 500 companies. In January and February, 2982 new foreign-funded companies were registered. 

In terms of foreign trade, Africa is Guangdong’s main partner, with total imports and exports exceeding 270 billion yuan last year, a growth of 3.9%, accounting for 13.7% of China's trade with Africa.

Reporter of Label Diplomatique 

Élisée Héribert: I want to know more about the relation between China and Africa. And I know that Guangdong is a major province of foreign investments and trade, it plays an important role in China's opening up process. And I'm here to hear what Guangdong can say about the relation between China and Africa.

Guangdong is a nice province and Guangdong is a partner province in the way of more relation between China and Africa.

Senior Reporter of Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation

Aastha Gobin: To be here today, it was very enriching to know about the economic growth of Guangdong, and the reform measures being put up for the last years. And the success story of the province. Today, the province is a pioneer because of its innovation and technology manufacturing sector, and telecommunications.

Now as they say increasing the capacity of the port to enhance and to promote foreign investment. Especially we are from Africa, and China and Africa are very good trade partners.

Guangdong is impressive because as they say it has the biggest GDP among all the provinces in China. High-quality investment and development is the main focus of Guangdong, and to know that along the years to come the vision is to increase the high-quality development and move towards innovation and technology, thereby can increase the export and import, from various countries around the world, especially from Africa, for us.

Guangdong and Mauritius, we have trade between our countries and especially traders from Mauritius come to take part in fairs in Guangdong. And through the Free Trade Agreement, for import and export, we get preferred trade rates. So this is a platform for us, and we will get more opportunities by new reforms to build the trade relationship between our two countries.

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