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Video|Curtains up for the 31st Guangzhou Garden Expo

The 31st Guangzhou Garden Expo opened at the Pearl Buildingin Baiyun Mountain on February 4th.

Baiyun Mountain serves as the main venue of the Expo, along with three sub-venues at Guangzhou Children's Park, Guangzhou Orchid Garden, and Liuhua Lake Park. The Expo will last until the Lantern Festival, presenting the beauty of Guangzhou while bringing happiness to people.

The main venue is set at the Baiyun Mountain.

The Expo showcases nearly 80 pieces of work, including 11 groups of exquisite gardens, 4 groups of Bay Area city gardens, and 43 groups of floral landscapes. These works are integrated with the culture and geographical characteristics of Baiyun Mountain, highlighting the unique charm of Lingnan gardens.

Locals take photos and enjoy the spring scenery at the Baiyun Mountain.

This year, the Expo has also introduced several interactive activities. Tourists can use AI to record the places they have visited, scan QR codes to learn more about the language of flowers, and even get red envelopes. They can also follow a route to collect a limited edition of postcards and cultural stamps available only during the Expo.

The peach blossoms at the Baiyun Mountain.

Moreover, the Expo's Pearl Flower Market combines the features of the Chinese New Year fair and the flower market, offering 123 varieties of precious flowers and floral arrangements created by famous designers, enabling visitors to create unique home decorations for the Chinese New Year. A plant exchange activity is also available, where participants can bring their beloved plants for exchange.

The dreamlike scene at the Baiyun Mountain.

Sub-venuesare even more attractive. Guangzhou Children's Park has created China's first flower market for children; Guangzhou Orchid Garden features more than ten types of exhibitions and performances, including exhibitions on intangiblecultural heritage, photography, Lingnan potted plants, as well as music performances, science lectures, orchid market,andtoy market, while over 300 pieces of Lingnan potted plants in the exhibition are displayed in Liuhua Lake Park.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News

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