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Dongguan's Tiechang Village welcomes Armenian influencer

Tiechang Village, located on the southern side of Yinping Mountain in Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, is a beautiful Hakka village with a pristine natural environment. In recent years, under the impetus of the "High-quality Development Project for Counties, Towns and Villages," Tiechang Village has actively developed its agricultural-tourism industry (agriculture, culture, tourism), constructing distinctive projects such as Guangxiang Garden and Shidai Garden, and transforming its ecological advantages into tangible economic benefits.

In the second episode of the Dong Video series "Visits to Dongguan's Villages," the program featured Armenian model Anya, who visited Tiechang Village. Through Anya's perspective, the program showcased the picturesque scenery and unique charm of Tiechang Village, allowing viewers to experience the changes and development brought about by the "High-quality Development Project for Counties, Towns and Villages" in this traditional village.

Reporter: Xie Maishi

Editor: Will, James

Video: Dongguan Daily, Dongguan Video Channel

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