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Explore Guangdong in New Era | Episode 2: Marine Economy

The output value of Guangdong's marine production topped 1.8 trillion yuan in 2022, ranking first in China for 28 consecutive years and accounting for 14 percent of the province's GDP. 

As a pioneer of the marine economy, south China’s Guangdong has made great breakthroughs in the research and manufacturing of high-end equipment in offshore wind farm and deep-sea aquaculture equipment as well as smart fisheries. 

The second episode “Marine Economy” of the nine-episode documentary “Explore Guangdong in New Era” introduces Yangjiang Shapa Offshore Wind Farm of China Three Gorges Corporation and Guangdong’s largest intelligent aquaculture platform in Zhanjiang. Let’s go with Xue Boling, a popular microblogger on Weibo, to see the high-quality development of Guangdong’s marine economy.

Source | Southern Metropolis Daily, N-Video

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