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Flying taxis: a dream within reach via EHang's urban air mobility technology

On May 14th, as part of a media tour centering in the high-quality development, media delegations visited EHang Intelligent Equipment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., located in the Huangpu district of Guangzhou.

Photo: GDToday

EHang is a pioneer and globally leading company in autonomous aerial vehicle technology, with business covering air transportation (both passenger and logistics), smart city management, and aerial media.

"People naturally fear heights, but our potential to overcome that fear is crucial for the future development of the low-altitude economy," confidently said Hu Huazhi, founder, chairman, and CEO of EHang Intelligent, envisioning the future. "I believe that in the near future, 'air taxis' will become the new normal way of travel."

In December of last year, EHang's self-developed EH216-S became the first recipient of a Type Certificate, Production Certificate, and Standard Airworthiness Certificate for pilotless eVTOL issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Photo: Nanfang Plus

Attaining all three of these certificates signifies the feasibility of commercial operation of intelligent unmanned eVTOLs. Potential application scenarios include tourism, logistics, emergencies, and the most important one, urban air mobility.

"This year, we plan to launch operational models of 'flying taxis' first in cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hefei," said Wang Zhao, Co-Chief Operating Officer of EHang.

EHang's eVTOLs have completed over 40,000 safe flights globally, with a presence in 15 countries across Asia, Europe, and North America.

Photo: Nanfang Plus

Last week marked a significant milestone for EHang as it successfully conducted its first autonomous passenger-carrying flight in Abu Dhabi. In response to the varying regulatory approval processes and aircraft specifications between domestic and international markets, Wang disclosed that EHang looked to establish a regional headquarters in the UAE capital. This move aims to align the company's operations with international standards, enabling it to expand its presence in manufacturing, flight operations, and research and development.

Reporter | Eastbrook

Video | Wingheng

Editor | Nan, James

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