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Vlog | Explore Cantonese culture with American expat at Yuexiu Temple Fair

The Yuexiu Temple Fair kicked off on February 5, the day of the Lantern Festival, and will last for eight days.

During the temple fair, intangible cultural heritage experience events on Canton porcelain, pith paper painting, Guangzhou-style flower arrangement, Lingnan guqin, olive carving, and copper striking are held every day at the Chenghuang Temple Zhongyou Square, Beijing Road, and Guangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Area (Beijing Road).

Joe Longardner from the US has lived in Guangdong for over 10 years. He is a featured saxophonist on the TV program "Time Concert S2" and is currently studying for his doctorate at The University of Illinois. In addition to performing at the opening ceremony, he also had a metaverse tour on Beijing Road and tried pith paper painting and Guangzhou-style flower arrangement. Let's follow Joe to have a glimpse of the Yuexiu Temple Fair!

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Reporter | Monica, Holly

Video | Axin, Zhang Ruilin

Editor | Wing, Nan, James

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